How To Fix Common Eyebrow Problems

Your eyes can be more appealing when your eyebrows are well maintained. Properly care for your eyebrows as you care for your eyes. Here are simple tips on how to fix common eyebrow problems:

For very fair, pale, nearly invisible or sparse eyebrows:

1. Use powder eye shadow slightly darker than your natural eyebrow color.

  • Apply the eye shadow on your eyebrow line.
  • Groom your eyebrows with a brow brush.
  • Adjust the darkness of the eye shadow to blend with your skin.
  • Avoid using a cream-based eye shadow or eyebrow pencil that can give an artificial look.
  • You may have to retouch brow powder applied that may fade before the day ends.

2. Or darken your brow arches with a tinted brow wax. Since your brow does not have much hair, you need to fill in the sparse area with a wax-based tint that adheres to the skin.

  • Using an eyeliner brush or the edge of an angled brush with stiff-bristles, brush a small amount of wax over your brow.
  • Follow the brow line and fill in the sparse areas of your brow, using light, short strokes.
  • Even out the color and soften the wax applied with a brow brush.

For bushy eyebrows:

1. Trim unruly hairs

  • Comb your brow hairs upward using a brow brush or a toothbrush. The top of your brow line will be more defined, that you will be able to see which hairs to trim.
  • Use a brow scissors or small scissors to trim unruly hairs extended above the brow line. Take care not to over trim
  • Pluck out the stray hairs on the underside of your brow lines.
  • Smooth out your trimmed eyebrows using a brow brush.
  • Keep the eyebrow polished by applying a small amount of hair gel or hairspray.

2. Or pluck your eyebrows to shape them to extend from your eye's tear ducts to your eyes' outer corners.

  • Place a hot face towel or washcloth on your eyebrow area to open the pores.
  • If you are quite sensitive to pain, you can apply a topical anesthetic to numb your eyebrow area.
  • Using a sharp-angled tweezer, pluck out the stray hairs to shape your eyebrow.
  • Clean out hairs found under your eyebrow arches.
  • If your eyebrow becomes irritated or red after plucking, apply lotion or a moisturizer.

For an uneven brow line 1. Use your fingers to brush your eyebrows to stand straight up.
2. Use a brow or nail scissors to slowly snip off hair that is making your brow look uneven.
3. Brush down your eyebrows and slowly snip off the uneven hairs.
4. Brush into shape your brows and apply light gel or hairspray.

For overtrimmed, overplucked or stubbly brows

1. Choose a wax-based brow pencil or soft brow pencil that matches your eyebrow hair or a pencil in taupe that can work with any brow or skin color.
2. Use short, feathery strokes to draw an even thin line along the upper edge of your brow.
3. Fill in bald spots and lightly apply strokes along the whole brow line using the same pencil to color the brow.
4. Using a brow brush, go over your eyebrow several times to uniformly soften and blend the pencil color applied.
5. Apply clear brow gel to make the eyebrow hairs stay in place and look full, glossy and polished.
6. Continue this process until your brow grows back in a few weeks and covers the bald areas.


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