How To Fix Damaged Brassy Colored Hair

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There are several reasons why your hair color can turn brassy. If you know the cause, then it would be easier to determine how to fix the damage.

Here is a list of some possible reasons why your hair can turn brassy and some ways to fix the damage:

1. If your hair has golden or red undertones and was chemically lightened by a stylist in just one process it can turn into a brassy shade if your:

  • Hair tone was not lifted long enough
  • Hair color is a natural deep shade


  • Go back to your stylist and have a neutralizing toner applied to fix the damage.
  • Have your hair color lifted in stages, making use of a highlighting process and not just a one step process for an overall hair color lift.
  • Make sure the next time you have your hair treated, make sure to leave the bleach long enough to remove the rust tone.

2.      If you have been turning your hair blonde for a long time and decided to add color, your hair color may faded out fast and may turn brassy since your hair:

  • May have become overly porous and can no longer hold color
  • Might have become over processed and is continuously oxygenating.


  • Look for a reliable line of shampoos and conditioners that can help recondition your hair and improve porosity.
  • Neutralize the brassy color by using a shampoo, conditioner or toner with blue undertones like shimmer lights. The blue tones counter the rust tones and harsh yellow color in your hair.

3.      If your hair has been processed several times and is turning brassy, but is not destroyed. Your hair may have become too fragile.


  • Avoid using home hair treatments.
  • Do not apply hot oil but instead use a good conditioner to frequently condition your hair and moisturize it.
  • Shampoo your hair with a blue-tone shampoo that can counteract the brassy color.
  • Look for an ash toner with a shade slightly lighter or the same as your hair color, and apply it. Since a toner is a deposit-only treatment for hair color, it will not lift your hair color. Make sure the toner you buy specifies it is an ash color. If your hair is light brown and has brassy tones, you should use a toner with light ash brown color.
  • It may still be easy to restore your hair's health, so try a mild process by having a semi-perm done to tint or darken your hair color and alter the tone.
  • To avoid over processing your hair and causing it to become brassy, wait for at least one month before you have your hair bleached or a highlight done again.

4.      If you have tried conditioning your hair to neutralize its brassy color and improve the texture, but your hair has not improved and still has a brassy, orange color even after a two week continuous conditioning:


  • Have frequent trims to slowly take off some of the unwanted color and later manage a better hairstyle.

Conditioning your hair is still the safest way to lessen your hair's brassy color without further damaging your hair shaft. You can find a selection of blue-tone shampoos, toners and conditioners in the hair color section in stores. The conditioning products you buy should indicate that they could remove yellow or brassy tints from silver, white, or platinum hair.


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