How To Form the Back of a 1950s Hairstyle

Want to go vintage? This is your chance to do so. Hairstyles have evolved, but the 1950s hairstyle has its unending charm to fashionable women. Whether it’s the heavy spraying or the elaborate bobs that frame lovely 1950s women’s faces, it is still a very refreshing sight to look at. Throw in your own post-war glamorous look by forming the back of your hair into a 1950s hairstyle with the following steps:

  • Curls. Large and soft looking curls define the women of the 1950s. This is the simplest thing you can do at both the front and back of your hair. And the interesting thing about 1950’s hairstyles is that the back portion is most defined for large curls, especially when they are cut really short. These days, you might hardly find a woman intentionally cutting her hair short and flaring it into a large wavy curl, but it was the trend before. You can go 1950s by having large curls, even without the spray net.
  • Haircut. Soft bob look, feathered allure and many other hair cut styles are also a staple. You can deal with the back of your recreated 1950s hair by simply having a short 1950s cut that tickles your fancy. The only downside to this is that you have to pay a good stylist and it might grow old over time. Unless you have a full supply of hair extensions, this might be too dramatic an option especially if you are just going to enjoy your 1950s look for a single night.
  • Chignon. A welcome alternative that works in the modern world and in the 1950s is forming the back of your hair with a chignon. This will require you to spray a lot on the hair to keep the strands in place. Have that upswept and clean chignon by combing the hair and tilting it diagonally before twisting it and fastening them all by the use of discreet hairpins. You might want to add a little more 1950s drama by playing up the bangs too, but just make sure that if your hair is this overdone, you go simple on the other aspects of your overall look.
  • Waves and Flips. If you find that the chignon and the short hair do not quite enhance your features, you can opt for regular waves and flips of the hair for a dramatic effect. This is not strictly 1950s, but more of a hybrid.
  • Spray Factor. Flamboyant 1950s hairstyles use a lot of hairspray. You might derive inspiration on how to do the back of your hair by watching movies like Hair Spray and other movies that depict vintage fashion.
  • Accompanying Styles. The entire 1950s look will not be complete without the matching outfits and accessories. So make sure you catch your grandmother’s or aunt’s or accessories to match your efforts in choosing the best 1950s way to do the back of your hair.

When you say 1950s hairstyle, it does not just define a single type of hair coiffure, but a host of options that spanned the entire 1950s decade. Though most people know the flamboyant hairstyles to be the trademark of the 1950s fashion world, most of the existing hairstyles we have now still derive some inspiration from the simpler versions of 1950s hairstyles. And even if you are not a Hollywood star in a history film, you can definitely pull this off.


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