How To French Braid Long Hair in a Crown

Back in the middle ages, the French braid was one of the trendier hairstyles in the day especially when the braid was fashion on the head like a coronet or crown. Until today, this hairstyle is still popular and trendy since it looks prim and proper. It is truly a classic braid style. This hairstyle is a favorite of many women especially for social events and evening galas. If this hairstyle catches your fancy, then here are some steps to get your hair looking classy and neat.

  1. Prep your hair. The first step in getting a braid is to wash and clean your hair. Get some cold water running in a sink and wash your hair scrubbing any elements and oil residue out. Apply a good amount of shampoo to ensure all unwanted oils are removed. Rinse the shampoo out and apply a generous amount of conditioner. Let the conditioner sit for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off. This will make your hair soft and shiny, which will translate to an easier process for braiding. Rinse the conditioner off completely and let your hair dry naturally. Once your hair is almost dry with a tinge of moisture left, get a brush and start stretching your hair from root to end. Lift up your hair and brush from the roots going up for a better tangle removing effect.
  2. Create sections. Once your hair is moist and tangle-free, divide the hair on your temple scalp into three sections. Your left and right hand should hold the two outer sections, respectively. The middle section should be held up by your middle finger.
  3. Start braiding. Wrap the section held by your right hand around the middle section. Let your left hand middle finger hold the merged center and section previously held by your right hand up. Release the section held by your right hand, and gather a new section of hair from the back of your head. This will ensure that your braid travels around the head instead of straight to the back. Repeat the steps with your left hand section merging with the middle section. Keep alternating hands until you reach the end of the braid. Secure the end with a band or clip.
  4. Secure the crown. At this point, your braid will now be wrapped around the whole circumference of your head like a crown or wreath. To secure the braid in place, get some bobby pins and secure them at the end of braid. Secure the hairstyle further with some hairspray. Spray a generous amount depending on how secure the braid on top of your head feels. Make sure that the hair is clean with loose strands sticking out. The hairspray should straighten any loose strands out however if this is really a problem try applying oil to help it join the other strands.

The process looks simple enough but if you are a braiding beginner, then you will need to do a lot of trial and error. With enough practice and experience, you should be a French braiding expert in no time.


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