How To Get a Fake Summer Tan

During summer, people go out to the beach and get themselves tanned in the sun. This is all good and well, but what if you're one of those people who don't want to go out and sunbathe? Does that mean you can't get your own tan?

The truth is, you can still get a tan. If you don't like getting a tan via the normal process, why not try fake tanning? Fake tanning will get you a body that looks tanned even if you don't expose it to the sun.

There are salons that offer this kind of service to their customers. They can be expensive, but the results are great. If you don't have enough money, then you could do it yourself by applying self-tan products available in the market. If you want a fake tan, here are the steps on how to fake a summer tan.

Choose either tanning yourself or going to a salon. Salon tanning is well known but it is more expensive than applying tanner products yourself. Even if salon tanning is expensive, the results are extremely good. For first time tanners, a salon is a good idea but for experienced tanners, they may consider it as a second option.

Salon tanning will involve the following:

  • Survey a salon that is well known for its good service. Also, years in business matter when choosing a salon. If a friend can recommend a particular salon, go there and see for yourself. Ask for before and after pictures of clients to see if they are gorgeous.
  • Cite the lotion's user reviews and disclaimers. It will tell you about their up and down sides. If there are more good comments than bad ones, you can consider this particular salon. Also read the lotions information before picking.
  • Select darkness for your tan and prepare for tanning. The salon tanner knows it all so just tell them the tone and pace of the tan. After you selected a tone, prepare yourself by exfoliating your skin and face. After that, add a moisturizer. Be careful to not damage your skin a day before the tanning.
  • Obey all the directions and maintain your tan after the process. By doing so you don't encounter a problem when applying. Keep your tan by going into the salon which is recommended by the salon experts. Add a moisturizer twice a day, night and day. It will maintain your tan and will look natural.   

Self-tanning involves the following:

  • Select a lotion for self tan. Consider your skin type when picking to get the natural look you are looking for. For dark skins, pick a lotion or self tanner that is recommended for that tone.
  • Exfoliate your body and face before the tan. Do this before moisturizing and tanning to avoid an uneven skin tan. Include those parts like knees, ankles and elbows.
  • After exfoliating, apply a moisturizer. The moisturizer will prevent you from having dark patches on knees, ankles and elbows.
  • Apply the self tanner gently on your skin. Start from your feet all the way to your face. The tan will look good if you apply the tanner lightly.
  • Let the tanned skin dry. Leave it for twenty minutes for the tan to be absorbed by the body. With this even if you get dressed, the tan will not be absorbed by the dress.



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