How To Get a Great Fake Tan (Without the Sun Damage)

Do you ever envy the beautiful tan of many Hollywood celebrities? When you have a tan, you seem younger, more energetic and healthier. It says to the world that you have spent a sun kissed weekend on a tropical beach!

If you want to get a lovely tan but don’t have the money to visit Hawaii or time to lounge around by the pool, why not fake it? With today’s beauty product choices, you can have a golden tan without having to risk sun damage on your skin. Here’s how to get a great fake tan.

  • Choose your products carefully. Self-tanners are one of the most popular selling items today. Because formulas have improved greatly over the years, women can have a natural looking tan thanks to a bottle of lotion or spray. Check out product reviews of different brands before you make the purchase. Avoid using the same product on your face and your arms. If you will apply a tanner to your face, make sure it is non-comedogenic and especially formulated for your face. Best selling brands include Guerlain’s Terracotta Self Tanning Spray for the Body, L’Oreal Sublime Glow, Jergen’s Natural Glow and Neutrogena Sun Fresh Sunless Foam.
  • Prepare your skin. The best time to apply a tanning product is after you have exfoliated your skin in the shower. This primes your skin to allow the tanner to bind to your skin better. You’re more likely to have an even application if your skin is clean and smooth. Wait a few minutes after you shower before you apply the product. If your skin is damp, you may end up with streaks or the lotion won’t be readily absorbed by your skin.
  • Use the product sparingly. Some products take a few hours or even several applications before you see the full effect. Use the product a little bit at a time. If you spray too much product on your skin, you’ll end up with streaks. By applying a little bit of the product at a time, it will also make your drying time faster, usually within five to ten minutes.
  • Mind the details. Don’t forget to apply some self-tanning lotion or spray on your ears. What about the inside of your arms or the back of your neck? Get someone else to apply the spray or lotion on your back and other hard to reach places, especially if you’ll be wearing something strapless of skimpy on top. A great tan looks even.
  • Avoid tanning beds. Tanning beds still expose your skin to harmful UV rays to cause your skin to tan. This is a big no-no if you want a tan without risking damage to your skin. Go with topical lotions and sprays to get a fake tan.
  • Take it to the pros. For best results, go to a tanning salon. You will be asked to disrobe and once inside a tanning booth, you will be sprayed a tanning solution. It’s quick and easy and the results are very natural looking. There are home service versions available. Check online or the yellow pages to find a service near you. It will cost about $60 to get a professional spray tan done and the results will last for about two to three weeks.

There are now several options for those with pale skin but who dream of a beautiful golden glow. Get a fake tan and look great without causing damage to your skin!


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