How To Get a Smooth Shave

Man using shaving cream

Shaving is a right of passage for both boys and girls. It signals that you are getting older and closer to becoming an adult. The good news is that learning to shave is fun. Follow these steps and you will know how to shave.

Shaving cream or gel
New, sharp razor
Warm water

  1. Clean and exfoliate the skin. Whether you are shaving your legs or your face for the first time, you increase your chances of a smooth shave when you start with a clear surface. Wash with a mild, exfoliating soap. This step will remove dead skin and help lift the hairs away from your skin. Starting with a clean surface also helps prevent bacteria build up that leads to razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  2. Prepare your skin with warm water. Your skin should be warm and wet before you start shaving. Whenever possible it is best to shave in the shower where you can allow the skin to soak in warm water for a few minutes before getting started.
  3. Apply shaving cream or gel. Squeeze the gel into your hand then rub a smooth layer over your skin. Don’t rub the gel in; just lightly cover the skin you want to shave.
  4. Choose your starting point. For your legs, women start shaving at the ankle. For the face, men shave downward starting above the top hairline on your cheek or jaw.
  5. Shave in smooth strokes. Shaving is not a race. Remember that the razor is sharp and the smoother your strokes, the less likely you are to cut yourself.
  6. Rinse between strokes. Your razor can become blocked and dull if you try to do too much with one stroke. Remember to hold the razor under the warm water to rinse it between strokes. This will remove hair that gets suck behind the blade and any excess shaving cream.
  7. Be careful of tough to reach areas. Some areas will be harder to shave than others so slow down and be careful. For the face these areas include the chin, upper lip and anywhere near the nose. For women the knees, ankles and bikini area prove the most hazardous.
  8. Shave the entire area until it is smooth. Depending upon the thickness and growth of your hair you may need to shave each section more than once. Run your free hand over the skin in the same direction you ran the razor to detect any hairs you may have missed.
  9. Rinse with warm water. Once finished, rinse with warm water to remove cut hairs and any remaining shaving lotion. Make sure the skin is clean but avoid using soap again as this may irritate the skin.
  10. Pat dry and go about your day. Rubbing your skin dry will also irritate it so be sure to just pat it with a towel. Avoid applying lotions or aftershave for a few minutes so that you don’t cause the skin to burn or develop bumps. Shaving raises the hair follicles and opens the pores so when you apply lotion too soon after it seeps into the pores to cause irritation.

Shaving is simple as long as you are patient. Keep your strokes slow and controlled and you will be able to shave with few if any nicks or cuts.


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