How To Get Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hair

This lady from Rhode Island rose to fame via the Survivor series, where she emerged in 4th place. As her fame has risen, so has her hair style. Elisabeth Hasselbeck's deep blond hair has caught the attention of the viewing public.

She was born in 1977 as Elisabeth Filarsk. Throughout her young years, she maintained a healthy lifestyle and a dose of adventure. She gained a lot of knowledge and experience as she strode through life with eyes wide open. She taught in Belize and lived for a brief period of time in Italy. She next went to Boston College, and this is where she and her future husband, Tim Hasselbeck, an NFL quarterback, met. Eventually they married and she now has two children with him.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was first seen on TV via the show the Stylemakers, a show on the Style Network. When she passed the auditions for the second series of the show Survivor, she (and her hair) was en route to being famous. With her current work as part of the show The View, people now get to see her hair style regularly. If you want to have hair like hers, here's how to get Elisabeth Hasselbeck hair.

  1. The first thing you need to do to get that Elisabeth Hasselbeck hair is make sure your hair gets a lot of vitamins and minerals. Making sure that your hair is "well fed" will help it achieve that healthy shine. A good amount of sun and exercise will also help a lot. Having a healthy lifestyle is crucial if you really want to have the kind of healthy hair that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has.
  2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a medium length hair style. Have your hair stylist trim your hair to create a layered medium length cut. The layered style is a good example of a wash-and-wear hair style. It needs minimal maintenance. Just towel-dry your hair and follow up with a quick blow-dry, and your hair looks ready for the world to see.
  3. The next step to getting Elisabeth Hasselback hair is getting some highlights. Tell your hair stylist that you want highlights but not the ones that will look foreign on your hair. The success of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's hair lies in the fact that her highlights are just a couple of shades away from her natural blonde color.  So just remember, keep your highlights as natural as possible, and make sure that it's done so your hair won't look uneven when it is tied up.
  4. On a final note, some things you would notice about Elisabeth Hasselbeck are her hair accessories. She is usually seen with a headband or a scarf tied to her hair. So when you want to look really Elisabeth Hasselbeck-like, put some hair accessories in your hair, and you will surely look good. It doesn't mean you have to put on anything elaborate. A simple tuck of your hair here or a bunch tied there will make you look and feel that life is fun!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's hair is not just about going to your hair stylist to have a cut and highlight. It means living a fun and healthy life - a lifestyle that will have your hair gleaming from end to end.


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