How To Get Facial LED Treatments at Home

If you're very conscious about maintaining the health of your skin, you might be a constant customer at dermatology and facial clinics. However, do know that it's now possible to get treatment right in the comfort of your own home. One of the possibilities is to administer facial LED treatments at home, through specialized devices. Here are some of the guidelines to remember if you want to try this out:

1.      Know what facial LED treatments are, and what they are for. In simplest terms, facial LED (or light-emitting diodes) treatments are natural light treatments at different wavelengths that aim to target and treat skin problems. They work by penetrating injured and unhealthy skin tissue and promoting their healing.

LED treatments for the face are generally characterized by the LED color used. Red-colored LED is used to rejuvenate the skin, which effectively soothes wrinkles and crow's feet, and refreshes the face, making it look younger-looking. Blue-colored LED, on the other hand, specially targets acne as it is able to kill bacteria present on the skin layers.

LED treatments are widely used in facial and dermatology clinics, but handheld devices you could buy can now be safely used at home.

2.      Ask your dermatologist. Your first step in acquiring LED devices should be to consult your dermatologist. She should know of some safe, FDA-approved brands that you could purchase; she should also be able to give you the recommended duration and period that you will use the LED device on your face. Usually, treatment lasts for 25 to 30 minutes and could be done twice a week; you'd just have to hold the device close to your face and make sure that it will cover every surface area. Carefully follow operating instructions included with the device.

3.      Know where to buy LED devices. As mentioned, it's best if you ask your dermatologist to recommend particular brands that's best to use. You could buy these devices at specialty shops and through websites. You could expect to spend about $230 to $400 on these LED devices.

4.      Know the effects. LED treatments are found to be very safe and give very fast results. Treatments should be pain-free, and if you start getting red marks or any kind of marks on your face, you should stop treatment immediately and consult with your dermatologist. You may also need to protect your eyes during treatment; you may ask somebody to hold the device over your face while your eyes remain covered with cucumber slices; or you simply have to be very careful not to put the light too close to your eye area.

If you are pregnant, have diabetes or any other medical ailment, always get the go-signal from a dermatologist if you can use these kinds of LED devices.

There you have it! These are some of the important things you'd need to remember if you want to get facial LED treatments at home. Remember, it's still best to get your dermatologist's approval before you commit to buying a LED device. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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