How To Get Free Perfume Samples Delivered

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There are many ways of getting a free perfume sample. One way is through the perfume sampler pages on magazines. When a perfume maker launches a new scent, they usually concentrate a part of the page where their perfume is advertised with its scent. In this way, you can rub your wrist on that part of the page and smell its scent. Another way of getting a free perfume sample is through perfume stores at malls. Perfume stores have perfume bottles specifically used as perfume testers so that customers can try the different scents they’re offering.

Although these two methods of getting free perfume samples give you a wisp of how a perfume smells before you decide to buy it, it doesn’t give you enough experience of the smell. Sampler pages on magazines can only last for a little while, and the scent of the perfume can sometimes get mixed with the scent of the magazine. Smelling perfume testers, meanwhile, doesn’t give you enough time to let each scent set in because you usually attempt to smell as many as you can in a period of time. In the end you get scent fatigue, a condition wherein you can’t distinguish the different scents from each other anymore.

The best way of getting a free perfume sample is to get it delivered to your doorstep. By doing this, the scent of the perfume is not compromised and you have all the time to bask in each of the scent. To get a free perfume sample delivered to your house, follow the tips below:  

  • Free samples websites. You may not know it, but there’s several websites who review and give links to websites offering free samples of perfumes. Type in “free perfume samples” on your search engine and you’re in for a surprise to the number of free samples websites. Visit one of these websites and read their reviews on the websites offering free perfume samples. After reading the reviews, choose the ones with good reviews. When selecting a website to get free samples from, consider its delivery time and shipping fee amount, if there’s any.
  • Online websites of perfume brands. If you have a particular brand in mind that you want to try, go directly to its website to get a free perfume sample. Perfume brands usually advertise their newest collection on their website by offering to have a sample of it delivered to your house. To go to the website of the brand you want to try, type in your search engine the name of the brand, or if you know the brand’s website address, type it in your web browser. Browse the brand’s website for the area where you can get samples. Fill in your name, address, and other necessary information.
  • Email the perfume brand. You can also get free perfume samples by expressing to the perfume brand your interest of receiving a sample from them. You can do this by sending them an email. You can get their email address from their website, or you can also try searching for it on the Internet. If you frequently buy from this brand, tell them your experience with their perfumes and surely they’ll be more than happy to give you a free sample.

If you happen to shop online at Sephora (, take advantage of the free packages that they’re offering. Depending on what you’ve purchased, Sephora will give you different types of free samples to choose from. If you love wearing perfumes, choose the sample of perfumes to go with your purchase.

Perfumes, especially branded ones, are expensive. Because of this, it is wise to get a free sample of a perfume and test how it smells first before actually buying a whole bottle of the perfume.


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