How To Get Kissable Lips

Especially with winter weather, it can be difficult to get kissable lips. When your lips are chapped and rough, there are some steps you can take to regain beautiful lips. If you take special care of them, they will soon be in top shape. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Exfoliate.  Exfoliate your lips twice a week. You can use a sugar and honey scrub, a warm washrag in the shower, or a toothbrush. Rub your lips gently to remove dead skin and make your lips smoother. Be sure to slather on lip balm as soon as you exfoliate, to moisturize those newly soft lips.
  2. Use lip balm.  Be diligent about applying Chapstick or lip balm frequently, even under your lipstick or lip gloss. While it might feel unnecessary under lip gloss, it can help heal your lips, and also protects them from any chemicals in your lip gloss. Even when your lips are healthy and hydrated, it is still important to wear lip balm if you want kissable lips. Find one with SPF to wear during the day, to shield your lips from the sun’s harmful rays. Yes, even your lips can get sunburned.
  3. Don’t lick your lips.  Many people lick their lips subconsciously when they are nervous, or as an attempt to moisturize them when they are starting to get chapped. Licking your lips will just speed up the process of chapping them, so kick this habit.
  4. Avoid harsh weather.  Wind, cold, and rain can chap your lips quickly. Even when protected with lip balm, you should avoid the weather if possible. If you do need to venture out, be sure to wear protection, such as a scarf, over your face. Again, be sure to protect your lips with lip balm, especially if you’ll be in windy weather.
  5. Drink plenty of water.  Dehydrated lips are dry and may crack, so keep them hydrated with plenty of water. Of course, this is a good tip for keeping the rest of your body in top shape, too. There is no downside to drinking water, and it can help you get kissable lips. Dry, cracked lips are not only less kissable, but they are painful. If they do get dehydrated, apply lots of lip balm to keep them from cracking, and drink plenty of water to hydrate you.
  6. Apply lip color.  Apply lipstick or lip gloss, but make sure that it’s good quality. Avoid cheap drugstore off-brands, which can have chemicals that will damage your lips. All-natural products can be a great solution for avoiding chemicals. Lip color, no matter the shade or flavor, can help make your lips more beautiful.

This may seem like a lot of care for your lips, but it’s important if you want them to be in top shape. If you meticulously follow these instructions, you will have kissable and beautiful lips in no time.


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