How To Get Perfect Highlights with a Streaking Cap

Most people say that our hair is our head suit and many people, especially women, spend lots of time and money to make their hair unique and better looking. Hair highlighting is one of the hair treatments offered in many beauty salons all over the world but you can also do this at home to minimize your expenses. Call a friend and start highlighting your hair using a streaking cap! Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best results.

Buy a streaking cap at a local beauty store. If you do not know what a streaking cap looks like, it's a plastic cap with perforations or holes all over it. Make sure to check if the streaking cap that you are buying is in perfect condition.  Most streaking caps are available at a local beauty store but if you are unable to find one, you can go to the mall and look for it at the "health and beauty" section.  Some streaking caps come with a "crochet hook" that is also used for hair highlighting. It is better to buy this set if you don't already have a crochet hook at home.

Choose a bleaching product that suits your hair type. Bleaching products contain chemicals that may damage your hair if you don't choose the right one. The best way to avoid hair damage is to ask the beautician at any local beauty shop before buying the product. You can also do some research about certain bleaching products before you decide to use it.

Shampoo, condition and dry your hair. This is recommended before bleaching your hair. Some experts say that it's better to wait a day after you shampoo your hair before you start applying bleaching products to prevent your hair from being damaged.

Place the streaking cap over your dry hair. it is not advised to bleach your hair while it is wet.  If you own a blow dryer, use it first before doing the next step.

Use the crochet hook. Pull small or big groups of hair using a crochet hook. This depends on how you want your hair to look like after you bleach it. Make sure to decide first before you start this procedure. Pulling small groups of hair strands means that your highlights are thin and not too noticeable while pulling big groups of hair strands means that you want it to stand out. Streaking caps have holes all over it but most people do not use all of them. Please pull groups of hair from areas where you want the highlights to be seen.

Follow the directions at the back of the bleaching product. After pulling the right amount of hair with the crochet hook, you are now ready for your highlights! Make sure you follow the correct mixture of the bleaching product that you bought.  Some products require you to put a plastic cap over the bleached part of your hair while waiting for the time specified in the instruction. This can also be bought at your local beauty shop or may come with the bleaching product itself.

Rinse off the bleaching product. Make sure that you do this with the streaking cap still in place. It is advised to use warm water for this step as it helps bring out the color of the bleaching product used. After you have rinsed off all of the bleaching product, remove the cap and shampoo your hair again.


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