How To Get Rid of a Hickey Fast

You just got home and your roommate told you that you have a hickey on your chest that is beaming like a flashlight. This is quite alright if you are just staying home all week, but that’s usually not the case. Hickeys can stay for a few days and you need to get rid of it fast. Sure it doesn’t bother you but other people may not want to know you came from a major make out session. Here are some suggestions on how to lighten that hickey or remove it in a quicker time.

  1. Try the tried and tested way to remove swelling, ice. A hickey can be swollen so the best way to have this subside is to apply ice. Get an ice pack and apply to the area for a few minutes. Do not keep on longer than five minutes at a time.
  2. Use a spoon that has sat in your freezer for a good thirty minutes. You can wrap the spoon in plastic and apply it to the area where the hickey is. Press the spoon’s back following a circular pattern covering the whole hickey. Do this until you feel that the spoon is no longer cold. You can repeat the process at any time.
  3. After a few hours you can apply a hot compress or a towel drenched in warm water. This is to pull down the temperature of the skin after the ice application and normalize it as well.
  4. The toothbrush surprisingly has another use apart from brushing your teeth. It’s bristles can help in getting the skin back to normal by having blood circulate in the hickey area. Gently rub it on the hickey by doing soft strokes. Do this for about ten minutes. Repeat again if you have a very dark hickey.
  5. This might hurt but a lot of people swear by this. Hold the end of the skin where the hickey starts, pull it away from the skin a bit. Grab a quarter and scrape it against the area being careful not to add another wound. Now, make sure that before you do this that you have washed the quarter because it might contain bacteria that could irritate your skin.
  6. If you have any lipstick caps or anything with a hollow domed end like a big pen cap could work. Use it as suction to unclog the blood that has formed in the area. This will hurt a bit but it usually works well to lighten the mark. Put it on the hickey, twist and repeat again.
  7. Remember that this is a bruise so there is absolutely no way that this will disappear completely and in an instant. Use a concealer or Dermablend to hide the mark. Use a turtleneck if it is on the neck area. Wear long sleeves if it’s on your arms.

So consider playing it safe the next time you and your partner become overly passionate. If it cannot be avoided, place it in areas where it could easily be covered. By this you can avoid going through the embarrassment and teasing from colleagues.


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