How To Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes the Old-Fashioned Way

It was a night to remember. The food was great, all your friends were there and you had so much fun! You seem to recall winning a drinking contest and collecting money from five of your friends. Better give them a call later to remind them of your winnings. You even mustered enough courage to talk to the cute girl you had your eye on the whole night. It was a fantastic night. Too bad you are going to wake up with the headache from hell.

You don’t feel refreshed the next morning. You got a hangover as ever. From your head to your stomach, you are starting to regret some of the things you did. The worst bit is that you can feel your eyes and how sore they are. Sure enough, you see in the mirror that they are as red as the peppers you ate last night on a dare. Bloodshot eyes are no fun at all. You need to get rid of them but how? Here is how to get rid of bloodshot eyes the old-fashioned way:

Wake up late. Party all night and sleep all day right? Most definitely! If you can afford to wake up at noon, by all means do it. Try to get as much rest after a night of wild partying. Sure, you will still wake up with a hangover if you drowned yourself in alcohol but at least you won’t be sleep deprived.

Take a shower. You probably crashed right on top of your bed, still in your party clothes. As soon as you wake up and can form coherent thoughts, take a nice cold shower to wake the body up. The cold water should be enough to stimulate your skin and get you jumpstarted.

Ice man. If you know that you are in for a long night, before you leave the house, make sure that you have an ice tray filled with water in the freezer so that you have a full complement of ice cubes the next morning. This will come in handy the next day as you will see in the next step.

Cold water. Now, you will need some water. You will need cold water. To be more precise, the colder the water, the better. Remember the ice tray you filled up the night before? Fill a glass with as much ice as you can and pour in your water. It will be best if your water starts off cold so if you can keep a pitcher in the fridge, that would be great. Bottled water also works but it has to be really cold, so keep it in the freezer the night before as well. When you have your glass or bottle, hold it tight in one hand. Tilt your head backwards, slightly. Now, raise your glass and press it gently against one eye for about thirty seconds. Remove the glass and place it onto your other eye. Repeat this again twice so that each eye would have had at least three turns with the glass. This will cure your bloodshot eyes. It will help soothe your sore eyes and relieve it of redness. If after three turns your eye is still red, continue to press the glass until the redness has gone.

Eye drops
. Finish off your bloodshot eyes remedy by administering a few eye drops. Just follow the instructions on the eye-dropper.

No more partying. Get into bed early. No more partying tonight. The best way to get rid of bloodshot eyes the old-fashioned way is to get as much rest as possible. That means no more staying out late. Get a good night’s sleep to rest your body and your eyes.

Take it easy for a while. Give your body time to recuperate. Get enough shut eye. Bloodshot eyes are not fatal at all but they can give you a really bad headache. Pour a cold glass of water and use it as an icepack for your eye and get some sleep and you should be right as rain soon enough.


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