How To Get Rid of Body Odor for Women

There is not a worse turn-off than stinky body odor. You could have everything your future partner would want but if you smelled nasty, they would not be able to run out of the door fast enough. An intensely foul-smelling stench coming from your body is a horrible thing to have and if you do not remedy it fast enough, it can stick to you for the rest of your life.

And do not think that men can have it worse than women. Everybody sweats and everybody stinks. Men and women were created equal in this, no doubt. Ladies, do not be afraid though. You can get rid of your body odor, no sweat. Here is how:

Wash well. Always have good bathroom habits. Make sure your body is as clean as possible. Take a long nice bath in the shower or in the bathtub. When taking a bath or showering, remember to use soap all over your body and to scrub really well. Dirt and bacteria can really latch on to the body so a good bath will rinse them off. Work a good lather and get into all the corners of your body, where sweat most commonly builds up.

Shave as much as possible. You probably shave your armpits as much as possible. If you can, increase the frequency and try to shave almost every day. This will help you to sweat less and at the same time, promote the removal of bacterial build up around the area. Daily shaving prevents bacteria from accumulating and thus lessening the chances of developing body odor.

Body sprays. Your perfume may become too intense as your body sweats. In the heat, the perfume’s fragrance can be carried by the heat making you smell less appealing and a little bit too pungent for the nose. Use a light deodorant body spray instead. It will remain airy and fresh even in the summer.

Stay dry. The number one cause of body odor is the accumulation of odor-producing bacteria. Bacteria breeds more efficiently in wet areas so try to keep as dry as possible. Sweat and bacteria can accumulate on clothes even if you wash them because you use them regularly, exposing them more. Try to rotate your clothes and the number of times you wear them. Change whenever you have perspired.

Hydrogen peroxide solution. Take a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and mix it in with a cup of water. This solution is potent enough to destroy bacteria so apply it in areas of your body where you sweat a lot. Keep away from the eyes and mouth though.

Women can still develop really foul-smelling body odor despite what you may believe. Everyone sweats and sweat is moisture, which is the ideal situation for bacteria to breed in. This bacteria causes you to stink. Cleanliness is next to godliness and in this case it rings true. Keeping clean and dry as much as possible will prevent body odor from developing.


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