How To Get Rid of Chlorine-Green Hair

The dog days of summer, long hours sitting in the sun, swimming in the pool, sipping cool drinks, and for those with blonde hair a free new green hair color.  Metals and chlorine in pool water turn light colored hair a pretty sheen of green.  While crazy hair colors might suit some people, most would rather not walk around looking like they had a run in with an angry stylist.  Here are some tips to get the green out of your hair without breaking your

Depending on the severity of green in your hair, the problem can be fixed with simple at-home remedies to easy-to use shampoos and creams.  A light green tint can be fixed by dissolving 8-10 aspirins in warm water and soaking hair for 15-20 minutes then rinsing out the solution with regular water then using shampoo and conditioner as usual.

Sometimes ketchup, tomatoes, tomato juice and lemon juice are used to remove the green stain, but experts now warn that the acids in these juices actually do more harm than good and are really only masking the green color, not removing it. What is recommended for darker tints of green is to soak the strands in Coca-Cola or vinegar for approximately 5 minutes then rinse out the solution and wash with your normal shampoo and condition.

If soaking your hair in pain relievers and food just isn't your style there are beauty products on the market that will do the trick.  Swimmer's clarifying hair products can be found in every price range at online and specialty retail stores such as, Sally's Beauty Supply and Ulta.  These clarifying products are as wallet friendly as Ultraswim's shampoo and conditioner which sell for $4.95 each to pricier brands such as Frederic Fekkai's Apple Cider Clarifying shampoo that sells for $23.

After you have successfully removed the green tint from your hair the next step is prevention.  Everyone benefits from pre-rinsing their hair before entering a swimming pool, no matter what color, natural or treated the hair is because the tap-water closes the hairs cuticles blocking out the pool's damaging chemicals.  Having a gloss or clear shine treatment applied professionally will also help seal the hairs cuticles and fill in any ridges helping prevent the metals in pool water from penetrating the hair shaft as well.  Now you know how to remove and prevent that nasty green tint, go and enjoy the pool all summer long.


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