How To Get Rid of Deodorant Stains

Your favorite shirt has deodorant stains on it. Now what? Before you throw away your perfect outfit because of a deodorant stain, take a few minutes to try and rescue the clothing. This guide contains a few tricks on how to get rid of deodorant stains, tricks that will save you the hassle of having to find something else to wear.

Step 1

Use a sock. You can easily get rid of deodorant stains by using a sock. Simply grab a sock (clean, preferably) and rub it onto the deodorant stain. Cotton socks work best to absorb the deodorant, but nearly any sock will do in a pinch. Inspect your clothing for any remaining deodorant stains afterward by removing it and looking at the back as well. (You never know what part of the clothing touched your underarms!) If you don't have a sock handy, any other type of fabric will do, like a washcloth or dish towel. Just make sure that you don't have to wear that fabric afterwards, or it defeats the purpose of removing the deodorant stain.

Step 2

Don't add water. People always think that a little water will remove just about any stain, but this isn't the case with a deodorant stain. Water (on its own or on a cloth) will only temporarily remove the deodorant stain. And once it dries, you'll be faced with the same, glaringly obvious deodorant stain on your clothing.

Step 3

Use vinegar. If your deodorant stain is dried on or has been there for a while, its removal may require a bit more work. First, put some white vinegar onto the stain to loosen the deodorant as soon as you can. (There's aluminum chloride or zinc salts in the deodorant that will weaken the fabric if left on too long.) Soak the stains overnight in laundry detergent. And then wash the deodorant-stained clothing as you normally would in the warmest water possible.

Step 4

Try Boric Acid. This is a great product for dealing with dried-on deodorant stains. It's environmentally friendly and can be used in place of bleach. Mix a bit of the powder with water to create a paste, and then rub it onto your deodorant stain. Let the mixture absorb into the stain for at least half an hour, and then rinse well before adding the clothing to your normal laundry. (Try this method on a small area of your clothing first to avoid color transfer or removal. It's best used on white clothing.)


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