How To Get Rid of Ear Hair

Let's face it: bodies are just more attractive with less hair on them. And while there are countless ways to get rid of body hair, like waxing and laser hair removal, these methods don't work on ear hair. So how do you deal with these pesky hairs that show up in your ears and turn off anyone getting a side view of you? Follow this guide on how to get rid of ear hair.

Step 1

Pluck it. Most men don't have too many ear hairs that they need to get rid of. So an easy way to combat the problem of ear hair is to pluck each hair out, one by one. And this isn't usually something that can be done alone. Find a trusting friend or a loving family member, suck up your pride, and hand over the tweezers. It won't be a pleasurable experience, but eventually, your ears will be hair-free. (Just make sure you don't tweeze out the hairs near your eardrum - those serve a very important purpose.) This method of ear hair removal lasts for a few weeks, depending on your rate of hair growth.

Step 2

Trim it. If you're an older male and you kind of like the mature look your ear hair gives you, it's okay not to rid your ears of hair entirely. But a frequent trim is absolutely necessary. Again, ask a friend or loved one to cut back your ear hair for you, using a pair of sharp scissors. Have it trimmed as close to the ear as possible without risking a snip of your skin. As with most hair removal methods, this one is definitely temporary. You'll have to keep trimming your ear hair every few weeks to keep you looking well-groomed.

Step 3

Shave it. Few people know that razors actually exist solely for the purpose of shaving your ears. They're tiny versions of the electric razor you have grown accustomed to, and they work in just the same way. Purchase one of these to keep in your grooming kit, and carefully trim your ear hair whenever you find it necessary. Keep in mind that it is dangerous to trim the ear hair in your ear canal. So limit your shaving session to the bulk of the hair on the outer edges of your ears, and leave the stuff closer to your eardrum alone.

Step 4

Try using Nair. You've probably never considered it, but a depilatory cream like Nair will work to get rid of ear hair. You just need to take a few safety precautions. Nair contains harsh chemicals that can't go inside of your ear or you'll risk permanent damage to your hearing. So make sure that you stuff your ears with a cotton wad before you put this cream on your ears. As well, you may want to try this cream on a small portion of your skin before you layer it on your ears, just to ensure that you won't have a reaction to the chemicals contained in the cream. If you don't have a reaction, then simply apply the cream onto all of your ear hair, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse it away to leave your ears hair-free for a few weeks.


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