How To Get Rid of Gray Hair Fast

Different unwanted bodily changes happen when you get older—you have weaker eyesight, weaker hearing, and weaker overall bodily performance. Among the signs that you are getting older is the graying hair. You can’t take any food supplements that will help your scalp produce non-gray hair. It’s one of the natural occurrences that you can’t really get rid of. But at least, you can cover your gray hair to make it not so noticeable.

Your hair starts to grow gray because your body stops or slows down from producing melanin. This melanin gives color to the hair. And since it’s slowing down or has stopped, you can’t expect to get your natural hair color again. So, coloring your hair is the only solution. For that, you either get yourself colored or visit your favorite salon to let professionals do the trick on your hair.

First Things First

Before you decide whether to have a DIY coloring of the hair or visit a salon, you need to make some big decisions first. Do you want to cover your hair with another color or you want it to be all white or all gray? Do you want highlights or is it best to have the usual hair color?

For the first question, if you think having white hair or gray hair will make you feel more comfortable, then go for that. There are a lot of white and gray shades that will be best on your new hair look. Think about Storm or other stars with white and gray hair. They still look fabulous despite their hair color.

If you choose to color your hair as usual, then it’s best that you pick your hair’s natural color. This way, you’ll just need to blend your covered hair with your natural hair. The result will be stunning when you have chosen the right color.

Having highlights is not a bad choice, too. It will give you that youthful appearance without trying so hard about coloring your gray hair. When using highlights, it’s best you choose a color that is about five shades lighter than your natural hair. You can try other colors, too, if you think you’ll be more comfortable with that.

DIY or Salon

The only drawback of choosing a salon is the expenses. For every salon visit, expect to spend about $100. Take note also that you will have to regularly visit the salon for re-coloring after about some weeks.

The good news is, letting the salon professionals do it will give you an assurance of getting better result. They are experienced and trained to color hair and so, they can make your gray hair disappear like magic.

DIY hair coloring is not bad, too. Simply follow the product instructions carefully when doing it at home. Choose the safe hair color brands also. Many cheaper brands will not really give you the hair color they promised. Plus, these cheapo brands might damage your hair. So for safety’s sake, better stick to the trusted brands and never experiment with untested brands.

Aside from coloring your hair, you can also choose to shave off all of your hair. This way, you don’t have to worry so much about your gray hair. Simply put a wig on and you’re ready to impress people. You can also show off the new skinhead you and that would be cool.


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