How To Get Rid of Hair on the Face

Having hair on your face can be unattractive and embarrassing. But it can be easily removed using a few different methods. This guide will help you get rid of hair on the face and return it to feeling silky smooth.

Step 1

Shave. The most temporary way of getting rid of hair on the face is to use a razor. For women, this isn't advised because it will cause the hair to grow back thicker. But for men, it's the understood method of facial hair removal. Use a sharp razor (disposable or electric) and some shaving cream, if necessary. Drag the razor along your skin with the growth of your hair (downward), ensuring you graze every strand of hair on your face. Give your face a good rinse, and the hair will be gone. This method will only last for a day or two so consider other, longer-lasting methods of getting rid of hair on the face.

Step 2

Pluck. If you've just got a few hairs on your face to get rid of, consider plucking them. This is generally what most women do to remove unwanted eyebrow hair. But it works for any hair on the face. Get a pair of good-quality tweezers that can grip facial hair firmly. Grasp the hair as close to the root as possible, and then pull! This is a slow method of facial hair removal since it's done one at a time, but it lasts for several weeks.

Step 3

Wax. Another popular way to get rid of hair on the face is to use wax. You can purchase ‘do-it-yourself' kits from your local drug store. Or you can visit your esthetician to get rid of hair on your face. It's quick and long-lasting, but if you're new to this method of hair removal, you might find it a bit painful at first. Apply wax to the areas you want to be hair-free, press firmly to create a good bond, and then tear the wax away, starting at one end and pulling to the other. To relieve some of the pain caused by this method of facial hair removal, press your finger onto the newly-waxed area directly after waxing it. There will be some temporary redness afterward.

Step 4

String. A traditional facial hair removal method is stringing. Unless you have been taught this trade, you need to visit a beauty salon or spa to have it done. The beautician will use two strings to pinch and pull out the hairs on your face, grooming any area including your eyebrows, cheeks, chin or lip.

Step 5

Laser. The most permanent way to get rid of hair on the face is laser hair removal. For a little bit more money, you can have the roots of your hairs lasered. The root will no longer grow, and you won't have hair on your face to worry about any longer. It will take a few laser hair removal sessions to completely remove all of the hair on your face. But you will not have to deal with facial hair for the rest of your life after a successful round of laser hair removal. You'll need to visit a clinic that specializes in getting rid of hair on the face to have the procedure done.


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