How To Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars

There are a few unlucky people who seem to attract mosquitoes like a magnet. And perhaps, you’re one of the unlucky ones. Besides the itchy and painful bites, these mosquitoes can leave ugly scars to remind you of their bites.

It should not matter so much if you are not so sensitive about how your skin looks. But most people are conscious about the flawlessness of their skin. In that sense, you don’t have to worry so much. Yes, even if you have some mosquito bites already. There are many ways to get rid of them and have your flawless skin back again. Below are some of the remedies you can use:

  • Aspirin. Break your aspirin tablet in half. Use water to make the rough edge wet. Scrub the wet side on the insect bite scar. Since aspirin is analgesic, this can also cure the itchy and the painful sting. Plus, you can make the mark appear smaller with its analgesic effect.
  • Baking soda. Make a baking soda paste by mixing a little water to it. Apply some on the insect bite scar. Let the paste sit on the mark for some minutes before you rinse it with cool water.
  • Unflavored meat tenderizer. Spread some meat tenderizer on the mosquito bite and enjoy an instant relief from itchiness and pain. The tenderizer will fade away the scar after some hours. The unflavored tenderizer can miraculously do this because of its salt and chemical contents. Flavored ones are okay to use but those will leave you with garlic and onion scent.
  • Oatmeal. Prepare a colloidal-oatmeal bath. Soak your body in that bath and find soothing relief from any insect bites, especially of mosquitoes. Besides the bite symptoms, the oatmeal will also lessen the appearance of bite scars.
  • Aloe Vera Gel. This thing is helpful for all scars. But it is more helpful for fresh mosquito bite scars. Apply a thin layer of this gel on the mark and wait for it to disappear.
  • Toothpaste. Any toothpaste can dry the bitten area. Toothpaste helps diminish the scar by drying the area.
  • Sea salt. Rub this on the scar. For better result, press a freshly cut onion on the scar. These two will make your mark disappear faster.
  • Vitamin E. Food supplements of this vitamin can help lessen the appearance of any scar, including mosquito bite scar. You can also use cream or oil that is enriched with Vitamin E. Along with Aloe Vera, your scar will diminish in no time with this vitamin.
  • Cocoa butter. There are lotions with cocoa butter or you can use the plain cocoa butter for best result. Many people can attest to the effectiveness of this on any scar.

While getting rid of mosquito bite scars, it will be helpful also if you avoid taking hot shower or exposing yourself under the sun or UV light. The heat will only make your scar darker and more difficult to remove.

Also, don’t forget to use mosquito repellent when you go out. More than the itchiness, pain, and scar, mosquitoes also carry deadly diseases. Getting rid of the mosquitoes in the first place is your perfect prevention for future scars and possible illness.


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