How To Get Rid of Pillow Creases on Your Face

Pillow creases are an obvious sign that you've just woken up from a long slumber. Whether you're getting ready for work or you have a hot date, you can't have these creases ruining your good looks! Here are some tips to help you get rid of pillow creases on your face and remove the telltale signs of sleep.

Step 1

Wait a while. If you've got time, you can rest assured that your pillow creases will fade away in under an hour. With a little patience, they'll be gone from your face. But if you haven't got the time to wait to get rid of pillow creases, try some of these other options.

Step 2

Splash water onto your face. You can quickly get the blood back and flowing in your face, especially the creased areas, by splashing warm water onto your face. It will open up your pores as well, which should help the creases to fill in. Your normal facial texture should return in a few minutes.

Step 3

Moisturize. Another trick you can use to help you get rid of pillow creases on your face is to moisturize your face. After you clean and dry your face using warm water and a mild cleanser, apply moisturizer to your face. It will work to bring back the fullness of your face by plumping up your skin. You can increase the effectiveness of this product by massaging it in for a while.

Step 4

Rub your face. If you're desperate to get rid of pillow creases on your face, you can try massaging your face to get the circulation to return to it (which will make the creases disappear.) Use your hand to rub your face in a circular motion. Just remember that this will likely leave your face and cheeks a little red. So don't opt for this crease-removing method if you don't have time to wait for the redness to leave your face.

Step 5

Prevent pillow creases. You can avoid the hassle of getting rid of pillow creases by preventing them. Pillow creases usually appear on the faces of people who are side-sleepers or stomach-sleepers. If you can learn to sleep on your back, you won't run the risk of developing pillow creases on your face. Also, you can switch to a satin pillowcase. This type of fabric is smoother than traditional pillowcases, so you won't be faced with such obvious pillow creases when you wake up from your slumber.


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