How To Get Rid of Pimples

Having pimples can be very annoying and bring down your self-confidence. They are easy to notice and it seems like no matter how big or small they are, everyone is always looking at them. Not only do they hurt, but they can also leave scars that last long past the pimple. However, having pimples does not have to be a way of life and there are ways to successfully combat those pesky little things.

Step 1

Don't pick. A great way to keep pimples coming back for more is to pick at them. Picking at pimples does nothing but scar your face even more and make your face even dirtier. When you pick at pimples your hands leave grease and dirt that help the pimple grow even more. You may be able to get rid of it for a day, but it will come back bigger and worse than ever.

Step 2

Drink water. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is a great way to stave off those evil pimples. Make sure you drink lots of water and allow your skin to stay hydrated. A healthy skin has much less grease and dirt, not allowing pimples to form.

Step 3

Wash your face. Washing your face can help keep it clean from any grime that has built up over the day. Be sure to wash you face thoroughly at least twice a day, and wipe it down every so often. This helps keep the grease from piling up and allows your pours to breathe instead of clog.

Step 4

Talk to your doctor. If you have a bad case of acne and feel like cleaning your face just is not enough, you can ask your doctor about some acne medicines. Accutane is the leading acne medicine and has a track record of success. There are some downsides to Accutane that your doctor will warn you about, such as extreme dry skin and occasional muscle ache. While it may not be fun being on the medicine, it sure does work wonders.

Step 5

Use pour strips. Have you ever seen those commercials with the actor or actress wearing a white strip across their nose or chin? Well those are called pour strips and they are a great way to clear out clogged pours. They simply adhere to your skin for a minute or two and then you slowly peel them off. Use pour strips about once a week to keep pours clean and clear.

Try a few of these techniques and you may just have a clearer face than you ever imagined. 

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