How To Get Rid of Pubic Pimples and Ingrown Hairs

Pimples are usually seen on your face, but they could grow in your pubic area too. Since the pubic region is generally covered with underwear or clothing most of the time, pimples could appear and pubic hair could grow inwards in your pubic area.  And, because the pubic region is unexposed to outside fresh air, it becomes a very hospitable place for bacterial bloom.  Sweat could also easily irritate the pubic area. No wonder why dermatological conditions could also suddenly appear there.

These problems are common to both sexes. Ingrown hairs in the pubic area are caused by the curling back of pubic hairs or of its growing sideways into the skin. When ingrown hairs clog up the pubic hair follicles, pimples could develop in your pubic area. Removing pubic hair by waxing and shaving could contribute to ingrown hairs. Tight undergarments, dry skin, and coarse or stiff hair could also contribute to ingrown hairs in the pubic area. 

Pimples and inward-growing hair could really be annoying problems. However, there are several ways of getting rid of pimples and inward-growing hair in your pubic area:

  1. Scrub your pubic area at least twice a week with a body scrub to help remove dead layers of skin cells.  If left on the surface for some time, these dead cells may clog your pores and your hair follicles. A loofah is a very effective scrub and exfoliates the pubic area better.
  2. Synthetic underwear, especially those that are tight, also often causes pimples and inward-growing hair.  You should wear loose, cotton underwear if you want to avoid pimples and inward-growing hair in the pubic region. If the skin in your pubic area could not breathe, sweat and bacteria will be trapped, and both can contribute to pubic pimples. Breathable and loose, cotton undergarments could help prevent them.
  3. Applying a hot cloth or hot compress on your ingrown hair could also help. This method helps lessen the inflammation and soften the pubic hair under your skin to make it rise to the surface. Soak a cloth in hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and then place the compress on your skin for five minutes.  If you can see the hair come out of your skin, squeeze the sides of the ingrown hair gently. Reapply the hot compress if the ingrown hair does not come out. Scratching or squeezing the hair out of your skin when it has not yet surfaced may cause bleeding and may leave a permanent scar.
  4. Applying certified safe hair removal lotions on your pubic region could also remove ingrown pubic hair. These lotions or creams would help dissolve the ingrown hairs under your skin without causing more irritation.
  5. Applying toner or an astringent on your pubic skin would also help remove the bacteria trapped in your pubic area and prevent these annoying discomforts. 

Having ingrown hairs and pimples on the pubic area is common in many people. Since the genital area is very sensitive, you should take care of your pubic area to keep it fresh and clean so that pimples or hairs that grow inward would not have any chance to grow there.


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