How To Get Rid of Rough Elbows with Honey and Olive Oil

Having rough elbows may be a problem to some people.  Rough elbows are a cause of embarrassment to some people because the skin on the elbows is rough to the touch.  So, people find ways to get rid of the rough skin on their elbows.  There are many pharmaceutical products that can effectively smoothen the rough skin on your elbows, but they can be rather costly.  If you prefer a natural remedy, honey and olive oil can just be the right combination for you. 

Honey is said to be able to speed up the healing process.  For this reason, many skin care products use honey as one of their ingredients.  Also, since honey has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, it has been used as an active agent in many skin care products.  Meanwhile, olive oil has been known throughout the centuries for its emollient properties.  It is also known for its healing properties.  You can use honey and olive oil, plus a few other organic substances, to create a homemade remedy for those rough elbows.  The process is described below.

  1. Take some honey, olive oil, and lemon juice and mix them all together thoroughly in a small bowl.  The combined mixture may then be used as a lotion that you can rub on your elbows.  With frequent and regular use, the acidic lemon juice will act as an exfoliant, while the honey and olive oil will work to make the new skin smoother.
  2. Apply the lotion thoroughly on your rough elbows.  Make sure that the rough patches, as well as the dry areas, are covered.  The mixture should be rubbed deeply into the cracks and crevices of the elbow.
  3. Let the lotion mixture stay for at least 15 minutes on the roughened and dry areas of your elbow.  This is to give the mixture enough time to seep and penetrate into the skin tissue and take effect.  If the lotion mixture is applied before going to sleep, cover the area properly.  You would probably want to wear a long-sleeved shirt or wear something that could cover the elbow area. This is to ensure that the lotion wouldn't be wiped off when you move in your sleep.
  4. After 15 minutes or so (or upon waking up), you may rinse your elbows with warm water.
  5. After rinsing your elbow, apply another moisturizing lotion to the same problem areas on your elbow. This is to make sure that those areas are moisturized even further.
  6. Apply the lotion mixture on your elbows for at least 2 days to see the results.  Keep using the lotion mixture until you are satisfied with the results.

You never would have probably thought that simple, accessible items such as honey, olive oil, and lemon juice could be used for such awful problems as rough elbows.  But, they actually are real, natural remedies.  They are cost much less than their commercial counterparts.  More than that, since the home-made remedy is purely organic and all-natural, there will hardly be any side-effect or adverse reactions.


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