How To Get Rid of Your Midriff Bulge

Especially among women, midriff bulge is a fashion nuisance, a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem, and, in many cases, limiting. Whether caused by weight gain following a pregnancy, age, or simply lack of exercise, you can successfully get rid of that midriff bulge. Here’s how.

  • Follow an exercise regimen. Like most areas of your body, doing exercises can tone your midriff section. The most common exercises for this section are crunches and sit-ups, but it is found that doing such exercises alone cannot flatten out your midriff section. What you need is to shed off some calories, as losing the midriff bulge will naturally follow suit. Aerobic activities are particularly recommended for this purpose, the most common of which are biking, running, and swimming. You can also consider enrolling in a gym or dance school, although this will require you to shell out some amount. If you are low on budget, you can buy DVD tutorial exercises devoted entirely for toning the midriff section. They are relatively inexpensive, and if you are really serious in applying the exercises, you will reap good results.
  • Have a good diet. Diet, to most people, means starving themselves by taking in small portions of food and limiting their number of meals in a day. But diet actually means eating nutritious kinds of food and is more about regulating your meals. Where before you are trained to eat three times a day. You can eat up to six small meals in a day. This way, you don’t starve yourself waiting for your next meal and end up gorging large amounts of food, which consequently add up to your bulging midriff.
  • Avoid stress eating. Have you been in that situation where you were severely stressed and find yourself munching on chocolates, cakes, or what-have-you? That’s stress eating. And when you stress eat, you gain more weight, with your midriff section growing noticeably bigger. So the solution here is to adapt methods that control and manage your stressors. You can, for instance, do yoga and meditation. You can also occupy yourself with a productive activity or listen to good music. The list is endless, and you only need to find the stress management methods that will work best for you, except from eating of course. But should you find yourself stress eating, remember to compensate by doing some exercises.
  • Take enough rest. When you don’t get enough rest, your body’s natural response is to supplement your available energy by eating more. And again, eating excessively contributes to your midriff bulge. What you need, therefore, is to take good rest and sleep. It is quite understandable that in this busy society, sleeping is usually sacrificed. However, taking enough sleep not only will keep your midriff in the right size, it will also promote good health.

Finally, have an accountability partner. This person should be someone close to you and will spur you on to eliminate your midriff bulge. He might be someone who will accompany you as you do your exercise regimen, check what you eat, remind you if you are stress eating, and encourage you to take enough sleep. He will also be someone who will rejoice with you when that midriff bulge is finally gone.


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