How To Get Static Free Hair

Imagine that you are all dressed up and ready to go on a big date or meet with the interviewer for a job you really want. You've got your best outfit on, your make-up is picture perfect and you've spent a lot of time on your hair. Then you realize it's sticking straight up from static. What a way to ruin your look. You need a quick fix and solutions to prevent staticky hair from happening in the first place. Consider the following easy steps for fine silky, static-free hair.

  1. Use leave-in hair conditioner. After shampooing your hair, add hair conditioner meant to be left on your hair until the next washing. Ingredients such as glycerin calm your tangled hair and add moisture, preventing it from being dry, brittle and staticky.
  2. Spray your hair brush with hair spray. Use a light all-purpose hair spray and spray your brush, keeping the can several inches from the brushes. Let it completely dry before brushing your hair to prevent static caused by your brushes' bristles.
  3. Rub your mane with a dryer sheet. Just as a dryer sheet takes out static electricity from your load of laundry, it will do the same for your hair. It's easy to carry in your purse, is inexpensive, and can reused over and over again.
  4. Run lotion covered fingers through your hair. Squirt lotion on your fingers and thoroughly rub it in. Once your hands are completely dry, run them through your hair. The lotion will serve as an anti-frizz product.
  5. Purchase anti-frizz serum. The best thing you can add to your hair before and after drying it is anti-frizz serum. The product, which is fairly inexpensive, adds a thin layer of silicone to smooth and seal your hair. Simply squirt one small drop on your hands, rub it in and run it through your hair. If you have longer hair, you will probably need more. Use it sparingly or your hair will end up greasy. Let it dry after applying and then brush through your hair for a smooth effect.
  6. Use a quick fix if you're out for the day. Run your hands under a faucet so that they are mildly damp and then run them through your hair. This will flatten your frizz.
  7. Trim your hair frequently. Whether you touch up your own hair cut or go to a stylist, try and get your hair cut on a regular basis. This will eliminate split ends that are a big cause of frizz.

So you thought it was hopeless and that you would have to walk around looking like you've been scared to death with your hair sticking out on end? Not so. Simply try these techniques if you are out and about and dealing with static or prevent static before it happens.


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