How To Get the Hairstyles of Soap Opera Actresses

If you’re not sure about what hairstyle you’d want to sport for a special occasion (or even just for everyday), you can derive inspiration from your favorite celebrities – soap opera actresses, for example. Here are some of the ways that you can get the hairstyles of soap opera actresses:

  1. Know whose hairstyle you should copy. Before anything else, you should know that you shouldn’t imitate a soap opera actress’ hairstyle just because it looks good on her, or just because she’s your favorite character. It’s best that you imitate an actress who has similar features as you, especially with regard to the face shape. You might also consider copying the hairstyle of the actress whose lifestyle in the soap seems most similar to yours: for example, the no-fuss bob of the busy mom in the soap just might work for you as well.
  2. Get a picture of the soap opera star whose hairstyle you want to copy. Once you have a picture of the soap opera star you want to imitate, it’d be much easier for you to figure out how to obtain her hairstyle. Do remember that celebrities sport wildly diverse hairstyles so you should get a picture of the exact hairstyle that you want to copy.
  3. Start with the right haircut. It will really depend on the actress whose hairstyle you want to imitate as to how long your own haircut will be. Show the picture of the actress you want to copy to the hairdresser, and they should be able to professionally give you  the haircut that you want.
  4. Know how to add volume to your hair. One of the trademarks of soap opera actresses’ tresses is volume. To make your own hair appear thicker, you should start with the right hair products. Purchase volumizing shampoo and hair conditioner. Know that though you should shampoo your hair from the roots to the tips (and only every other day, to avoid the build-up of harsh chemicals in your hair), you should never apply conditioner at your hair’s roots. That’s because this would result in limp, heavy hair.  If you have ultra-straight hair, you could braid your hair into six sections and leave it like that for about 30 minutes. Blow dry your hair while it is braided. Afterwards, take off your braids and apply volumizing mousse all over your hair, scrunching your hair to add texture. Blow dry again afterwards. It is best if you turn your head upside down while you do this. Then, brush your hair with a big circular brush, and you’re all set! 
  5. Know how to have ultra-sleek hair. If the hairstyle you want to copy is ultra-sleek, you should invest in a good straightening iron to obtain straight tresses. If you feel that your hair is too limp, you might want to look into getting hair extensions. There are relatively inexpensive clip-on varieties that you could try out.
  6. Know how to have gorgeously curly hair. Yet another typical soap actress’ do are romantic curls. To obtain this style, you would need a curling iron and blow-dryer. Click here for nifty instructions on how to curl your hair.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to score the hairstyle of soap opera actresses. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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