How To Get the Perfect Brunette Hair Color

Blondes are not the only women that can attract men in troves. Brunettes are known to turn heads as well. Of course, this statement would be more truthful if the brunette hair color used suits the wearer. Most stylists will tell you that choosing the perfect brunette hair color is pretty simple as it is really dependent on your skin tone. Different colors will suit different skin tones. This being said, it is critical to assess your skin tone to choose the right brunette hair color for you. Here are some facts to point you to the right color.

Assess your skin tone. The first step to applying the perfect brunette hair color starts by an honest assessment of your skin tone. Remove all your makeup including any spray on tan that you applied on your skin to make you look more exotic and sophisticated. Wash your face with water and facial wash to make your face clean and clear. Once that is done, stand in front of the mirror with white light and really look at your skin. It will help to place a white towel on your shoulders to help you see your true skin tone. Pay close attention to your undertones to see if you are fair, dark, or medium skinned. If you are having trouble with this, then it may be better to consult a beauty or cosmetics expert to help you in your assessment.

Fair skin
. Based on the advice of some of the leading experts in beauty and cosmetics, the best brunette hair colors and shades to use for a person with fair skin is of the warm brown variant. Mahogany, copper, and honey brown would be great shades to use. Dark shades of brunette should be off the table since it will really not complement your skin tone and may even make you look pale. Now, for your highlights, you will want to use a blonde or light copper red shade to create a color variant for your hair. Let’s face it having brunette hair without highlights are plain boring. Add life to your hair with highlights.

Medium Skin. Shade of chestnut is the best option for people with medium skin tones. These shades will significantly mesh well with your skin tone making it glow even more. Top the color off with gold highlights. This is especially effective if your skin tone is off a bronze to brown shade.

Dark skin
. For people with dark skin tones, a deep or pure brunette hair color would blend fantastically. Since you have a very warm skin tone, a pure brunette color will make your skin tone stand out. Some people have said that a dark brown shade would do well too so make sure to keep this suggestion in mind. For the highlights, bronze would be the best option especially if it is applied to hair near the vicinity of the face.

If you think that these tips are overboard for your tastes, then it would be wise to consult someone who is more knowledgeable in the art of hair coloring. A stylist can help you find the right color for your skin tone.


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