How To Get the Perfect Red Hair Color

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From the subtle auburn to the fiery red look, red hair color is a popular trend these days. If you are looking to get noticed and feel sexy with a hint of rebelliousness, then coloring your hair red might be right up your alley. The problems is, like any other hair coloring technique, finding the right shade of red for your hair depends on a few factors. You really do not want to color your hair fiery red only to find out that your friends find your decision to do it appalling. Like makeup and hair color, the perfect hair color boils down to your skin tone. Here is a short guide on how to choose and get the perfect red shade for your hair.

Assess your skin tone. The first step in getting and selecting the perfect red color or shade for your hair is by honestly assessing your skin tone. This can be rather difficult if you don’t know how to look. First off, make sure to remove all your makeup and wash your face thoroughly. It is important to see your face in its natural glory to determine your skin tone. Once your face is clear and clean, put a white or neutral colored towel on your shoulder because it will make it easier for your eyes to determine your true skin color. Look at the mirror and pay attention to your undertones. Make sure that the light shining on your face is white so as not to influence the skin tone through the mirror. You will need to determine if you are fair, medium, or dark skinned. Consult a stylist or beauty expert if you really cannot categorize your skin tone.

Fair skin. For people with fair skin, the best colors and shades of red to use are those of the lighter kind. Some examples would be a strawberry blonde or reddish blonde shade. These are warm shades that will significantly complement your pale complexion. For highlights, since you are going with lighter reds, then it would be great to have slightly darker reds for your highlight for as long as it can blend with the primary shade.

Medium skin. For people with medium skin, medium shades of red will complement the skin tone. Auburn is probably the perfect choice since it is not too light and not too dark. However, you can choose any kind of medium red or red-brown shade. Avoid any bright red shades like copper or orange. For highlights, go for lighter shades of red close in the middle of brown and blonde.

Dark skin. People with dark skin will want to stick with cooler shades of red such as burgundy and violet. These shades will always complement olive skin tones. Coloring your hair with bright and blonde reds will be a disaster so make sure to avoid these shades.

Red hair color is not long lasting and tends to fade faster than any other hair color. To prevent this, it would be smart to purchase and use only anti-fade shampoo for your hair. The ingredients in this kind of shampoo are friendly to artificial hair coloring that will gladly lengthen the lifespan of your hair color.


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