How To Give a Fade Haircut

Man getting a new haircut

The fade haircut is one of the most popular types of hairstyles for men. It is a clean cut style, the type you just wash and wear. In most high schools, this is the most common hairdo since teachers want their students to be tidy and neat. Even women nowadays are carrying this look. Giving a fade haircut is easy with the help of the right tools. You should allow your creativity to flow. The procedure below will teach you step by step in doing the fade hairdo.

  1. Ask what kind of fade haircut he wants. This is important to know so that you can decide which techniques to use. Some of the choices are bald fade, low fade, taper fade, temple fade and half fade. It will be better if your customer (or victim) has a picture to show too.
  2. Get your comb and hair clippers with different guard sizes (at least five will do). Hair clippers are the little machines intended for this haircut. It is important that the blade is cleaned and oiled before using.
  3. Start cutting the hair at the back, including the side burns. Remember to do this with extra care. It is best to cut one layer at a time to avoid over-cutting.
  4. Fade using the blade from bottom (or back of head) to top (or forehead).
  5. Do not put too much pressure on the machine blade because this might create a shape that would not be pleasing to the eye and be careful as well in handling the clipper. The hair is very thin that once you cannot control your hold, the whole plan might end up a disaster.
  6. Just smoothly pass through the blade from the back up to the front depending on the type of fade you choose.
  7. The faded look is created by simply shearing-off the hair little by little and in an angle. This angle will again be based on the type of fade he wants.
  8. After every cut of hair layer, change the guard size, which is lower than the former, and continue doing this until you achieve the desired look.
  9. Just in case you create a contour or heavy line in the center, or even a mushroom cut (over fading at the sides that looks like the fungi), do not panic. Erase it by using a larger guard size.
  10. Use scissors or trimmer to line and finish the sideburns, hair around the ear, the neck and the forehead. To do this, comb the hair in an angle and check if there is unleveled hair. Trim slowly and do this until you see that the hair is even.
  11. Once you've done the basic, you can now try to create a dimensional and object designs in your head. You can also do various shadings. You can even put your favorite number or your name.

It's all right to commit mistakes as long as your customer is willing. You can also learn more techniques by attending seminars and practicing continuously. Good luck and have fun!


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