How To Give a Professional Facial

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Facial experts are trained on how to properly handle and cleanse your skin in such a way that would promote cell regeneration, thus defying the signs of aging. They can help your skin maintain its moisture and firmness to keep it healthy looking and fresh. You pay for their expertise to keep you young and beautiful. That's why getting a professional facial is a bit pricey. If you are an aspiring facial expert or you are simply curious and want to learn about it, read on and find out how to do it the professional way.

Cleanse your skin. Start by using a head band towel to keep your hair from falling on your face during the entire process. Wash your face with warm water and apply facial wash or cleanser to remove excess dirt and oil. Gently massage the facial cleanser using your fingertips in upward strokes, rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

Use facial steamer. Turn on the facial steamer and wait for roughly 1-2 minutes until the steam comes out. Position at least 15-16 inches away from your face. Apply steam for 10-15 minutes. This will help open the skin pores to allow deep penetration of your cleansing products.

Perform facial massage. Apply cold cream to face and neck prior to the massage. This requires proper knowledge and training. If you are not trained to do facial massage, then you may read some articles or books on how to properly do it. Massage the face for not a few minutes but do not exceed 10.

Apply mask. Remove the cold cream by using a wet sponge soaked with warm water. Make sure you have thoroughly removed all traces of cold cream. Then use another sponge to cleanse the face with toner before applying the appropriate facial mask. Keep in mind that facial masks are created depending on the skin type and its needs.

  • If you have an oily or combination skin then a clay mask is right for you. A clay mask has excellent detoxifying property without drying the skin.
  • If you're skin is too dry then you have to use a moisture mask. As the name implies, it promotes moisture to your face to prevent skin from drying up too much.

Identify your skin type and know how to properly apply facial masks. You do not want your efforts to go to waste for doing the wrong procedure. Check the mask's label as to how long you should leave it on before removing it.

Moisturize your skin. Wipe off any traces of mask by using another clean and wet sponge. Apply toner then wipe your face clean before applying the moisturizer. Make sure to wipe excess moisturizer afterwards. Applying moisturizer will not only retain moisture to your skin but it also protects the skin and makes it smoother.

If you have ultra sensitive skin, or any other skin conditions such as acne and the like, and is advised against the use of artificial and synthetic preservatives, then you may use organic or herbal ones. But consult your dermatologist first before doing so.

There are simply a lot of ways to keep your skin beautiful and fresh. But the most effective way still is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a sound mind and a positive outlook in life. This is one tip that most facial professionals will also give their clients.


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