How To Give Your Hair Volume

If you have thin, very fine, oily and limp hair it is very likely that you are constantly battling with your hair to give it some lift and volume. It can be frustrating especially when you do not know what else to do except set it in rollers overnight to give it volume that sometimes will not last the whole day especially when the weather is humid or it has been raining. However there are several techniques that you can do to give semi-permanent volume to your hair that can lift your spirit and give you a totally new look.

  1. If you have been parting your fine hair in the middle, consider parting it differently. You hair has become accustomed to being parted in the middle and remembers the part so the rest of your hair will fall flat on the sides. Parting it from either side will give your hair some lift.
  2. Do not use heavy hair conditioners and hair sprays, as they tend to weigh down your hair and make it lie flat on your head. Limit your use of conditioners to about two or three times a week. Remove hair conditioner build up from your hair by giving it a lemon or vinegar rinse. Add the juice of a lemon or one-fourth cup of white vinegar to your rinse water. Work it in through your hair and scalp and leave it on for about fifteen minutes before rinsing. This will give our hair enough lift and volume as well as natural shine. 
  3. Consider getting a professional haircut. Tell the hairdresser to give you a blunt cut such as a bob. Do not let the hairdresser use thinning scissors and razors to add layers to your hair. A professional hairdresser will analyze your hair and see how it falls so that she can give you the right cut. Undercutting is also one way of adding volume to hair at the back of your head. Ask the hairdresser to teach you the proper way to comb and style your hair to maintain its lift and volume.
  4. A root perm will give limp and fine hair the needed lift from the scalp to make it look fuller. You can also try to get a body perm that will give your hair large curls and waves to add dimension to your limp hair. There are many types of hair rollers now that can give beautiful large curls.
  5. Blow drying will give your hair instant volume. Apply mousse to your hair before you blow it dry. Use a big roller brush and lift your hair straight up, aiming the warm air current on the roots of the hair. The mousse will help retain the style longer.
  6. Alternate the use of liquid and dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will absorb the oil from your hair and scalp and give a slight volume to your hair. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner on other days. Shampoo with sea kelp will give your hair additional volume as well as condition it.

Consult a professional hairdresser to know how to give your hair lift and volume. There are salon-formulated hair products that you can buy from a hair salon that will make your hair appear thicker and bouncier. Maintain short to medium length hair. Long hair that is fine and limp will look thinner and without body due to its heavy weight.


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