How To Give Yourself a Tattoo

Sensual skin art
Showing off some ink is a popular trend these days, among young and old. But you don't need to head to the nearest tattoo parlor to get your next tattoo. It's actually something you can do yourself with the right tools and skill. Follow this guide on how to give yourself a tattoo.

Step 1

Decide what tattoo design you want. Tattoos are permanent artwork on your skin, so you need to be sure you put a little research into this decision before you decide to do it yourself. Remember that professionals have been doing this for years and have much more skill than you. If you still think you've got a steady hand, then decide on the design you want to permanently etch into your skin.

Step 2

Start by drawing the design on to your skin. Once you know the tattoo you want to give yourself, draw it out on paper. Then draw or trace the tattoo onto your skin. Make sure you trace it onto the exact part of your body that you want the tattoo to be. Use a different color of pen than your tattoo will be so that you will be able to differentiate between what you've drawn and what has actually been tattooed. If you don't have a steady hand, get a skilled friend to help you with this drawing stage.

Step 3

Prepare your tools. Before you start to give yourself a tattoo, the most important thing you can do for yourself is ensure that all of your tools are properly prepared. Sterilize everything. Don't use discarded tools. You risk major infection if you use dirty tattoo tools. Use a lighter to sterilize the tips of your needles, or boil them in water for 2 minutes to kill any bacteria. Use rubber gloves, and thoroughly sanitize your skin with an alcohol pad before starting work on your tattoo.

You can use a needle as the tattooing tool, but you may want to secure it tightly to a pencil with some tape or string to give you more to grip. You'll need a needle for each color of tattoo ink. Lay them out on a clean cloth, ensuring each one is prepared properly before you begin your tattoo.

Step 4

Begin the tattoo. With your tools properly prepared, you can begin to give yourself a tattoo. Dip the needle into the ink, trying not to cover more than half of the needle. Otherwise, things will get messy. With ink on your needle, prick yourself with the needle continuously on the parts of the tattoo that you want to be that particular color. Wipe off excess ink from the needle after every few pricks to avoid infection. And don't forget to change needles when you change ink colors. The action of pricking yourself with a needle using different ink colors is what will create a permanent tattoo in your skin. Continue with this process until your tattoo is complete.

Step 5

Clean off the tattoo when you're done.  When you tattoo is complete, wipe away the excess ink and then clean the area with an alcohol pad or a wet cloth. Bandage up your new tattoo, but make sure you wash it later in the day with antibacterial soap. Keep your new tattoo moisturized, adding cream 3-5 times a day. This will help keep the tattoo you gave yourself from healing improperly.


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