How To Give Yourself Piecey Hair

Do you like the look of chunky, separated hair? Separating your hair into pieces can add volume and style of your hair. Here are some tips to give yourself piecey hair.

Step 1

Find the right products. Piecey hair is achieved by using the right products. So you need to spend some time acquiring the right hair products for this style. Visit your local salon or even the hair section at your favorite discount department store to find what you need for a piecey look. Pick up some pomade, wax or putty that is specifically suited for your hairstyle. You only need one of these products, so do some research to find the one you think will work best on your hair.

Step 2

Start with dry hair. The first step to achieving the piecey, chunky look with your hair is to dry it thoroughly. Use a blowdryer to dry it well. You can't give yourself piecey hair if it's wet. (The products will just stick together and you'll be faced with an impossible task.)

Step 3

Apply the products to your hair. Once you've purchased the right products and your hair is dry, put a little bit of your chosen product on your fingertips, spreading it around to cover all of them. Grab small sections of your hair at the midpoint of the hair shaft. (Not too close to the top or your hair will stick to your head and look slimy). And then rub your fingers down to the end of your hair. Be careful not to apply the product too thick, or you'll be left with greasy hair instead of piecey hair. Continue grabbing random chunks of hair from all over your head until you've achieved the desired look. It may be necessary to reapply product to your fingertips as you go. Just ensure that when your chunks of hair dry, none of the product is visible. You want the piecey look to appear like your hair just naturally does that.

Step 4

Use this method for all lengths of hair. Creating the piecey look is great for almost any style of hair. It looks great with short, layered hair since it helps to accentuate the different layers. As well, piecey looks are great for longer hairstyles since they break up the length of the hair with some volume and style. No matter what your hair style or length, you can create a piecey look using one product and a few minutes of your time. The results will be well worth it.  


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