How To Glue Hair Extensions to a Wig Cap

If you wish to have a highly stylish hair without having to use hair chemicals and styling techniques, you can opt to use hair extensions. Also called weaves, hair extensions are glued to the hair to achieve the hairstyle you desire. If you prefer, you can also glue the extensions to a wig cap to even more protect your hair. Wig caps are placed over the head and keep your hair hidden beneath.  Here’s how you can glue hair extensions to a wig cap.

Prepare your hair. Using your regular shampoo, thoroughly wash your hair. Then, apply conditioner. Rinse and towel it dry after. Make sure your hair is completely dry before putting the wig cap on. To hasten the drying process, you can blow dry your hair.

Wrap your hair around the head. The goal here is to make a flat hairdo for the easy installation of the wig cap. Do this by parting your hair in each side. Then wrap one part to one side so that the ends of the hair are touching your ears. If you have long hair, you may need to lay the extra length on top of the head. Keep this part in place using bobby pins. You can also use hairspray. Then, do the same to the other part.

Put the wig cap on. You can wear the wig cap when the hair is fully wrapped. Do this by putting your hands inside the cap. Then, stretch it to a size that will accommodate your head. Slide the wig cap starting from your nape and pull it up to the top of year head. Adjust the wig cap so it comfortably fits around your head. Make sure it will not slide out of place. Apply hairspray to strengthen the hold of the wig cap.

Glue the hair extensions. Begin by cutting the hair extension according to the area you will glue it on. Ideally, you should start at the nape of the neck. Then, put a small amount of bonding glue on the weft of the hair extension. Attach it to the wig cap; then, press it lightly until it stays in place. Let the glue dry. Using the same procedure, glue hair extensions up to the top of your head until all spaces are covered with hair.

Style the hair. When done gluing, you can begin styling the hair extension. If necessary, cut a few inches. Then, tie it up, pin it, or curl it up.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when using a wig cap. One, make sure the wig cap fits you well. Loose wig cap might move and shift, which can totally wreck your look. Tight wig cap, on the other hand, is uncomfortable and painful to wear. Two, you might want to cover your head with plastic before putting the wig cap on. Doing so will protect your hair from glue. And three, take extra care of the wig cap. It easily wears out, especially when consistently used.


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