How To Groom Pubic Hair

There are those who believe that grooming pubic hair is a necessity for both men and women for hygienic reasons. And then there are those who insist that grooming pubic hair has an aesthetic importance. At the basic level, pubic hair traps perspiration and moisture, making it vulnerable to bacterial growth and a host of infections.

Where before, it was only the domain of women, men are now also interested in grooming pubic hair, ever since hairless chiseled muscular bodies without hair became the trend for men. Pubic hair grooming means the hair in the pubic region is kept neat and trim. Those who regularly groom their pubic hair prefer trimming and grooming their pubic hair rather than complete pubic hair removal. A lot of men and women find well-groomed pubic hair to be attractive even in its most common shape of an inverted triangle followed then by a standing rectangle, heart shape or a simple thin line.

  • Focus. Shaving the hair in the pubic region needs the same attention and focus as you would give to shaving your legs or underarms. The only difference would be that the pubic hair area is very sensitive and requires a bit more care.
  • Shampoo and condition. If you are going to shave off your pubic hair or give it a trim using scissors, be sure to shampoo and condition your pubic hair first. This will make the hair soft and easier to groom.
  • Trim. You could choose to groom pubic hair using scissors. Use a large comb for straightening the hair and a handy mirror so that you could keep track of your progress. If you had a total shave, pubic hair grooming will have to be done after about a week so that the hair has grown back enough to be trimmed. If your pubic hair was waxed, wait for about a month before you start grooming.
  • Color. Some people are more aesthetically adventurous when it comes to their pubic hair and introduce colors and dyes into their pubic hair. Since there are manufacturers of pubic hair dyes that have produced dyes that been deemed safe for the pubic hair, you can feel safe if you want to use it. You could match the color of your pubic hair with the color of your hair (on the head) using these pubic hair dyes. Of course you could also try changing the color of your pubic hair to something entirely different. It's really up to you.

People practice pubic hair grooming to keep the pubic hair neat and tidy. But there are also other individuals who groom pubic hair as a way of expressing their individuality. They spice up their pubic hair grooming through developing different pubic hair designs and creating it in their pubic hair. Those who practice pubic hair grooming may want to have their pubic hair trimmed into a heart shape or a champagne glass in time for their wedding anniversary. Of course, you could choose any shape that you fancy, although what would clearly limit you would be your grooming skills.

Keeping your pubic hair groomed and well-maintained is not difficult or tedious. It can also be fun.


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