How To Grow a Beard

Photo of facial hair
Most men, and even some women, have the ability to grow facial hair.  While not everyone can grow it thick enough for a full beard, many people do have the ability to get a little grizzly.  Growing a beard is not about just letting your facial hair grow until it covers your face.  There is a difference between growth and a beard.  It takes some technique and grooming to turn that facial hair into a great beard.

Step 1

Shave.  The first thing you need to do in order to grow that thick beard you are looking for is start shaving.  Shaving will help thicken your hair and allow the growth to come back faster and thicker than ever.  After a good while of shaving everyday, you should start to see some serious facial hair growth starting to come in.

Step 2

Shape.  Once you start to see some real growth on you face, you will need to start to shape the beard.  This requires some precise shaving to shave around the edges of the beard and give it the shape you desire.  If you want something that just goes to your jaw line, then shave your neck area.  You can all so do different things like shaving your mustache off or just letting the whole thing grow out. 

Step 3

Trim.  Now that you have grown your beard out and shaped it like you wish, you will need to trim it properly.  Trimming your beard may be the hardest part about growing and keeping a beard.  If you allow it to grow without a good trim, your beard will become long and scraggly.  Make sure you trim it to a length you are comfortable with.  The difficult part is making sure you have evenly trimmed the beard and not made too many mistakes.  Start with a longer length when trimming and work your way down to something you like.  This ensures that you do not mess anything up too badly. 

Step 4

Is it you?  So you have this nice thick beard, but is it you?  Growing a beard may not be the hard part, but rather pulling one off and making it look good is the difficult part.  Keep the beard for a while and see what you think about it.  Take some advice from friends or family and see what they think.  After a week or so, you should have a good idea of whether the beard is good or not.

Make sure when you grow a beard that you have the time and your work will allow it.  It might be rough for a few days trying to see it take form, but stick with it.  It might just be the new you.

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