How To Grow a Goatee: Goatee Shaping Tips

Choose from Many Different Goatee Styles

Man with a goatee

Nothing is sexier on a man than facial hair. It screams distinction and sophistication while providing you with an unmatched masculinity. You would be amazed as to how many women would find you attractive with a moustache or a goatee.  Possibilities are endless, when you have the advantage of facial hair on your side.

If you plan to grow facial hair, there are so many options for you. You can grow a mustache or a full-on beard. Stubbles are cool as well, but if you want the full effect of facial hair, nothing compares to a goatee. They are popular for a reason.  A goatee is between a full-on beard but more than a moustache. It is mostly well-trimmed, making you look more sophisticated compared to sporting a five o’clock shadow or a face full of stubble. It is more manly than a thin pencil moustache without being too overbearing like a full-on beard. A definite classic look that will surely get you noticed in no time fast!

Now that you’ve decided to grow facial hair and go with a goatee, the next step is growing one of the many goatee styles. Try these steps:

  1. Try to grow out your facial hair. It is as simple as not shaving. You will be amazed to see how your hair grows in. Some people just don’t have the ability to grow a full goatee. Don’t worry, there are other options and sometimes it just takes time to connect the dots.

    During this time, it may look like you are just too lazy to shave, so be prepared for all the nasty comments you will be receiving. Also, be prepared for a little discomfort. If this is the first time you are letting hair grow out on your face, then it might be particularly uncomfortable. Don’t scratch, it doesn’t look good.

  2. It is now time to decide on your goatee’s style. Now that you have let your facial hair grow out, you should have an idea of what works best with your face. After all, you can work with your goatee but your face will always be your face. Try looking at magazines so that you can familiarize yourself with goatee styles through magazines or websites. You can also just take a walk and you will be amazed as to how many people sport a goatee.  Don’t be discouraged--every style looks different on each person, so yours will look unique on you.

    When you have an idea of styles, look at yourself in the mirror and visualize what works best with the facial hair you have. You can even take a picture and Photoshop a goatee on your face. Work within the existing facial hair and decide what would look best on your face.

  3. Shaping the goatee. So, you have facial hair to work with and have a general idea of what you want--the next step is the scary part. It is now time to shape your goatee. These goatee shaping tips can help. You can do it yourself or have it done professionally.  When doing it yourself, approach it from the outside and work yourself in. Do this goatee shaping technique slowly and carefully. Trim out your moustache and keep it neat. It might be wise to shave between your nose and moustache because you don’t want it to look as if hair is growing out your nose. Shape sharp corners around your jawline. Trust me; it just looks better that way. Take time to make sure its symmetrical. Nobody likes a lopsided goatee. Lastly, use the trimming tool in your electric razor to keep things neat.

  4. Maintaining your goatee. Your goatee will look cool once you are done shaping it but without maintenance, it will just make you look like a slob. Try to get someone to come in every week to give you a trim. If you're on a tight budget, buy trimming scissors and trim it yourself but be cautious because it is harder to trim than it is to shape it. You can also use an electric trimmer with a length selector--much, much easier!  You can also use a nose trimmer to shape the inner part, the part above the goatee and under the lower lip.
  5. Don’t forget to wash your goatee. It doesn’t look good when you are talking to someone and you have food lodged in your beard. Not good at all! If your goatee starts to turn gray, it's okay; it makes you look more distinguished. If you really want to dye it, have a professional do it. Nothing is worse than a bad dye job on your goatee.

I know that growing and shaping a goatee might be a pain in the ass, but take my word on it:  It's all well worth it. You would be amazed at how much more attention you’ll be getting sporting your new look. A goatee brings you a silent power that no other type of facial hair can match. Best of all, when you are tired of your it, shave it off and think of new ways to catch people’s attention.


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