How To Grow Sideburns

Growing your own sideburns may seem simple but for most men, once they’ve decided to grow some, they do not know where to start. For others, it is a sign of coolness to have sideburns. For others, on the other hand, they think of it as something that is old fashioned. The tips below will help you grow your own sideburns, should you decide to have them.

  • When it is best to grow your sideburns. Since growing your own sideburns will take a bit of time, it is best to decide to grow them when you will not be interrupted in the middle of your attempt. This means that if you have an event that you need to be clean shaven in a couple of week’s time, it is best to grow your sideburns after that event.
  • First task – stop shaving. Leaving your facial hair alone can be very difficult to do, especially for those who are used to being clean shave on a daily basis. Letting your facial hair grow for about four weeks can indeed test your patience. Remember that without this patience, you will not be able to grow your side burns properly.
  • Choosing its shape and its length. Once you have a fair amount of facial hair to work with, around four to six weeks since your last shave, decide on what type of side burn you would like to have. The shape and length that fits you usually varies depending on the facial shape. For example, if you tend to have a long face, thicker side burns will help you cover up your face a bit more. For those with square jaws, having narrow sideburns will help you put some more shape to your face. Remember that your sideburns should compliment your appearance since you do not want to look untidy especially in your work.
  • Shaping and maintaining the sideburn. Once you have decided on its shape and its length, shave off the parts that you do not need. Leave the sideburn hair alone and shave everything off as you usually would. Remember that it is easier to take some more of the sideburn than to over shave. Trim your beard once in a while to make sure that it does not look unruly and unkempt. Trimming your beard will also help you keep things under control and in excellent shape.

The best time to grow sideburns is when you are in extended periods away from school or work. This means that you have plenty of time to correct your mistakes, if any. Plus, this also gives you some private time to grow out your beard. But if you have newly born infants or need to be clean shaven for any other reason, it is best to not grow your sideburns now. While it may seem to be the coolest thing, under different circumstances, it might not be the most responsible decision. Have fun and just be patient when you are growing it out. Remember that all the hard work will pay off.


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