How To Have Beautiful Flawless Skin in Less than a Week

Every woman naturally wants to have beautiful, flawless skin. The skin tone is not at all important – whether the skin is dark or light – as long as it is smooth and unblemished. Now you may be wondering how some women are gifted with flawless skin, while your skin has a lot of imperfections. Is it a natural gift that they got at birth? Well, sometimes genes do play a role in the kind of skin a woman has. But for the most part, it is all about working on it. If you follow a certain regimen to make your skin beautiful, you can actually attain it in less than a week.

Here are tips that can help you in achieving beautiful flawless skin in less than a week:

  • Examine your skin and analyze whether it is oily, dry or both. Some women complain that they do not understand the type of their skin. They claim that sometimes it gets so dry to the extent of chafing while in other times it gets somewhat oily and shiny. If you have this problem, you should consult a skin specialist (dermatologist) to give proper evaluation of your skin. With the clinical result, you will know how to deal with your skin and what products are suitable to use on it.
  • Observe your skin on certain weather conditions. It is but normal for skin to dry up during winter. The cold weather shrinks the skin and the oil glands get so tight that they fail to produce natural oils in such state. On the other hand, summer time is the time when the oil glands loosen up – in which case your skin will most likely become oily.
  • Clean your skin first before applying skin products. Cleaning your skin means getting rid of dead cells, removing black and white heads and scrubbing off the top layer. You can use facial scrub, cleanser or astringent to get rid of the dirt and impurities from the top skin.
  • Read the labels of products that you intend to use on your skin. As you already know your skin type, you now have a guide as to what products fit your skin well. Always go for hypo allergenic products even if you do not have allergies.
  • Establish a daily skin regimen. Wash your face in the morning before putting on your make up. Apply cleanser or astringent to remove excess dirt. Put on some amount of toner or moisturizer before applying make up. In the evening before going to bed, wash off your make up and apply moisturizer.
  • Use fruit-based facial soaps. These soaps are proven to be effective in making your skin clearer in a few days.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat fruits, vegetables and other natural food products. Avoid processed foods. Have enough rest and sleep at night. Do not stress yourself out from work, home and other concerns in life. Avoid sweets such as chocolates, cakes and soda drinks.
  • Steam your face on regular basis, say, once in two days. Massage your skin after steaming to keep it toned and tight.
  • Use sun block or sunscreen when going under the sun. Protect your face from the sun’s rays by wearing a wide brimmed hat.
  • Stretch your skin by wearing a smile all the time. No amount of beauty products can give you beautiful and flawless skin when you frown and become grumpy all the time.

Because beauty has become a lucrative business these days, many companies offer various beauty products to women. Take caution however and make sure to try only one product at a time so as not to damage your skin.


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