How To Have Flawless Skin

Some Tips to Get You Clear Desirable Skin

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We all want beautiful flawless skin, but unbeknownst to ourselves, we might be sabotaging this from actually happening. Here are some tips to get you on your way to that clear desirable skin.

Step 1

From the inside out.  The first and probably most important step towards perfect skin starts on the inside, what you put in your body has a big influence on your overall appearance, and the good news is, that we can feed and nurture our skin beautiful, as long as we make the right choices in what we nurture ourselves with! Things to do: - Take a multivitamin - Eat many fresh (organic, preferably) fruits and vegetables - Drink water like it's going out of style, your skin needs water more than anything! - Try to limit your alcohol, sugar and processed foods intake, they are simply said, no beautifiers - If you desire flawless skin, smoking is out of the question. Smoking literally suffocates the skin.

Step 2

Keep it clean. Find out what skin type you have (normal, dry, oily or combination skin) so you can find the matching type of skin care products to shop for. Let's break down the skin care routine that is necessary to obtain and maintain gorgeous skin.  First, it is important to keep your skin cleansed, even if you are not a make-up fiend, your skin is being subjected to all sorts of elements of pollution and chemicals on a daily basis, so a good daily cleansing is in order. Find a good cleanser that matches your skin type, and according to instructions, use on a daily basis. - If you have an oily or combination skin, you might want to use a toner. Apply the toner with a cotton pad to the t-zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin) after you have cleansed your face.

Step 3

Hydrate your skin. Moisturizing is essential, no matter what type of skin you possess. By moisturizing our skin, we feed it back the moisture loss caused by the drying effects of the sun, wind, cold, pollution and central heating. Dry skin does not look healthy or for that matter flawless, hence we lather up! The magic ingredient that our skin yearns for is... water! We already learned we must drink it for beautiful skin, but now how to get the water from the outside... well, if we would just put on plain old water on our face, it would stick and absorb like that, this is why we invest in moisturizing creams, which are basically build up out of two main ingredients; water and oil, and blended in a humectant to moisten the whole thing together.

The kind of moisturizer you want to use is dependent upon - again, your skin type, and personal taste. There are multiple ways to moisturize your skin that fits each skin type, the only way one can find out what works best for themselves, is to experiment. Try different ways and brands of moisturizing, until you have found one that fits you best by giving you the all round best results. Also people with oily skin can benefit from using a moisturizer, a different kind of moisturizer than people with dry skin of course, but still a moisturizer is desirable. For those with oily skin, look into a moisturizer that hydrates the skin and helps absorb excess oil. If you prefer to go the natural way, as opposed to all the lab-made creams and elixirs out there, you could go for a simple (cold pressed) almond oil to moisturize the skin, but this does not work for everyone. It happens to work for me, and I have the 'normal' skin type.

In the end, nobody can tell you which type or brand to use, like I said earlier, find out what skin type you have, and then go out and experiment with products. Some people keep yielding to new miracle creams brought onto the market, that promise flawless and ageless skin, I believe a constant attack of new lab-made potions to the skin can be confusing. We must remember that the way skin care is marketed is very sly, just because the producer of the new cream chartered Beyonce to tell us all how happy she is with her skin now she has used this new product, it doesn't necessarily have to be true. I believe in sticking to what works best, and often, this is not the most expensive potion on the market. Remember, you are paying for that ad Beyonce featured in, the name of the designer, and the design of the cream jar, it really is that simple.

Step 4

It's called beauty sleep for a reason.....  Your entire body takes it's time to rest and restore itself during sleep, magic is in the making while you are far away in dreamland... getting enough sleep is next to water, probably the best thing you can do for that skin of yours!

When we sleep, our body builds up on it's energy reserves and regenerates the body cells, this regenerative process is important to your overall health, so naturally also for the health and condition of your skin. Get plenty of sleep (8-9 hours a night on average, although this may slightly differ per individual) and give that skin of yours time to regenerate, dark circles under the eyes are not the sign of a well rested person with flawless skin!

Step 5

Take it off! I know I have already mentioned the importance of cleansing the skin, but for your skin's sake, please, please take those 5 minutes to remove make up before going to bed! According to Dr. Gross - a Manhattan dermatologist and creator of MD Skincare - "One of the biggest mistakes women make is going to sleep with their makeup on. Doing so can block pores, leaving oil trapped inside. This leads to bacteria buildup and, yes, breakouts!" So take it from the professional... take it off, wash your face and give it that deserved beauty sleep.

Step 6

Exfoliation. Basically what exfoliating the skin does is remove the dead skin cells that can leave your skin looking dull and devoid of youthful glow. Use a scrub designed for exfoliation, once a week, more often is not desirable or needed, as doing more often may scrape off the needed natural moisture of your skin and cause it to dry. After exfoliating, dab skin dry and apply moisturizer immediately. If you suffer from acne or have very sensitive skin, it may be better to go for a more natural and gentle way of exfoliating, this can be done by simply mixing baking soda with a bit of water.

And now, to tie this all together with one last tip... Enjoy life! Flawless skin is only attractive if it homes a radiating personality to go with it. I hope you enjoyed this article and can put it to good use.


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