How To Have Healthy Fingernails

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Whether you sport long, fire engine red fingernails or short, unpolished nails, it is nice to have healthy fingernails. Although many different products claim to give you healthy fingernails, there are a few simple steps that can ensure the health of your nails!

  1. Use hand cream often. Thick, rich moisturizer, especially if it is enriched with vitamin E, can help the overall look of your hands as well as the health of your fingernails. Apply hand cream at least three times per day.
  2. Take biotin supplements. 25 mg of biotin (a form of vitamin B) per day can help you have healthy fingernails, which are thicker and less likely to split.
  3. Get plenty of zinc and iron. Eating a diet rich in the minerals zinc and iron can help the health of your fingernails. Zinc is found in nuts, whole grains, and poultry. Iron can be found in red meat and beans.
  4. Don't use acetone nail polish remover. Acetone can dehydrate your fingernails. Try to use a nail polish without acetone.
  5. Protect your cuticles. Cuticles protect the nail bed, so try to be good to them. Don't pick at or cut your cuticles, but instead push them back gently with an orange stick or washcloth.
  6. Cut toenails straight across. Fingernails can be shaped more than toenails, which are prone to becoming ingrown. To prevent painful (and unattractive!) ingrown toenails, cut them straight across.
  7. File fingernails carefully. Experts have a name for the healthiest fingernail shape: a squoval. This is a squared-off oval which helps prevent your fingernails from splitting, as the more rounded fingernails do. It also prevents your fingernails from catching on things as much as square nails do.
  8. Use clean tools! Emery boards should be thrown away before they start looking too ragged, and metal tools can be washed in soap and water after each use to ensure healthy fingernails. They should definitely be cleaned before letting someone else use them, as nails can be susceptible to infection.
  9. Use a ridge filler. Before you apply polish, apply a ridge filler to make your fingernails smoother. Nail polish will both stay on longer and look better.
  10. Fix chips in fingernails. Use a buffer to smooth out chips in your fingernails before applying polish. This will not only create healthy fingernails, but attractive ones.

Although many people assume that women want healthy fingernails, most of these tips can apply to men too! Healthy fingernails make everyone's hands look attractive and feel good.


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