How To Heal Dry and Cracked Hands

If you are suffering from dry and cracked hands, it can be real painful, not to exclude the nuisance and experience you have to live with them day by day. It makes your hand mobility limited since simply gripping objects will hurt your cracked hands and that is not really a pleasant way to live your day. Dry and cracked hands do not only happen during winter or the cold season. It can also happen all throughout the year especially if you use harsh laundry soaps or if you do not wear gloves while gripping on tools and pressing your hands too much on objects while gripping. Here are some ways to relieve and heal dry and cracked hands:

  • The easiest and the most natural way to heal cracked and dry hands is to soak your hands in a shallow pan of warm water for fifteen minutes. You should do this before bedtime when your hands are already relaxed as well as your body. Consider this therapy as a stress reliever as well. The warm water will soften your hands and rehydrate your hands. After fifteen minutes, remove your hands from the water and dab your hands with a soft towel. Do not rub them or scrub them on the towel. After your hands are completely dry, apply petroleum jelly thickly on your hands, concentrating on the areas that are severely dry and cracked. After applying the petroleum jelly, take a pair of clean gloves, preferably nylon or cotton but not wool, and place them over your hands to keep the petroleum jelly from coming off.
  • Another homemade remedy to heal dry and cracked hands is to apply a very thin layer of super glue on the cracked skin and hold them together to keep the germs and bacteria out of your inner skin. This advice came from a doctor. An important thing to remember though is to not put glue on cracked skin that has damaged tissues or has deep lacerations. Be sure the cracked skin is only at skin deep and not deeply farther into the skin. After you have glued together the skin, use a needle to prick tiny capsules of Vitamin E and gently rub them on your rough and dry hands. Wear gloves after applying the Vitamin E to keep the oil on your hands long enough to absorb it.
  • You may use over the counter hand creams for cracked and dry skin but sometimes commercialized creams can take a long time to produce results. You may resort to using the aloe vera plant's juice to soothe and heal your cracked hands. You just break the leaf off and rub gently the juice on your affected areas.

You should avoid getting your hands cracked and dry after they have completely healed. Wear gloves to protect them from the cold and if you should use harsh household chemicals, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from getting exposed to the chemicals. Moisturize your hands everyday and every after washing them to rehydrate and prevent the dryness and cracking.


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