How To Heal Dry Cracked Hands

Doesn’t every human being dream of having the perfect pair of hands? The shapely candlestick fingers, polished nails and the smooth exterior is just something that many people strive to have. Unfortunately, the more common scenario is that of cracked hands. With no need to be too vain or to splurge too much, healing dry cracked hands is no piece of cake, but it is not impossible either.

  • Gentle cleansers. Go for mild varieties of soap when you clean your hands. The greatest robbers of hand moisture are harsh chemicals from soaps. So do make sure that you daily hand washing companion is something that can care for your hands’ moisture more. This way, you will not have to worry about losing all the moisture in exchange for keeping it from germs. You can have both, just be meticulous in your selection.
  • Quick fix. A quick fix when you need to make your hands properly moist and soft (like when you need to shake hands with a dignitary!) is by means of applying a little salt and baby oil on your hands. Spread it all over your palms. This will last you for a few hours.
  • Night ritual possibilities. Having gloves and calendula oil before you sleep is a good night ritual that you can try. These night rituals will really go a long way in preserving your hands and making them look as lovely as possible.
  • Hydrate. Drink lots of water. This will help you have moisture not just in your hands but everywhere else in your body where moisture is a friend. In winter or especially humid weather, you might need to increase your water intake all the more.
  • Use your towel well. When you are drying your hands, really dry them. Do not leave any moisture hanging out. The evaporation of that excess moisture will just make your hands drier than they originally were before you washed your hands.
  • Winter extras. Some extra care must be watched out for during winter season. Cover your hands. Have some fashionable gloves to accompany you when you need to go out. The winter coat will just cease to be complete if you do not cover up your hands and protect them from severe dryness.
  • Hand cream and petroleum jelly. O’Keeffe, shea butter and other hand creams tend to help repair already damaged hands. You might want to consult your dermatologist about it to find the perfect match.
  • Go lukewarm. Hot or cold water tends to make the skin dry. So, in washing your hands go for lukewarm. This is the only place on earth where you can be lukewarm and not be hated for it. Lukewarm water will also adapt your hands well to any temperature of the weather.

To top off that extreme effort to care for your dry cracked hands, pair it up with a good manicure that complements your hair and skin. A salon makeover may not be in order, but you at least deserve to show your hands a lot of love for all the work it is doing for you day in and day out.


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