How To Heal Razor Bumps

Razor bumps on the face for men, or on the legs and armpits for women are all very unsightly and cause irritation that may lead to infection if not treated early on. Razor bumps usually appear when the blade of the shaver hits the area of the skin where the hair follicles grow. Too much shaving also exfoliates the skin and if done too often, may cause some rashes on the skin. There are simple home remedies to help heal razor bumps.

  • One way to help heal a razor bump is to use tea tree oil and apply it in its pure form on the affected area after washing. If the affected area is in the armpits, apply tea tree oil first and let it dry before applying deodorant. It is preferable that a stick deodorant be used instead of a roll on.
  • If the affected area is on the face or on the legs and you have to go out (obviously you cannot cover your face), and you prefer to wear shorts, then a few minutes before leaving, you can apply cold compress on the affected area. This will help reduce the skin’s redness and will relieve the irritation, if only for a while.
  • In the evenings, or if you are just staying at home for the whole day, you can put some cream for diaper rash on the affected area. Diaper rash creams are formulated for sensitive baby skin so it is safe to apply on the face, armpits and legs. It soothes the razor burn and also has healing properties.
  • For the legs, you can also put a small amount of hydrocortisone cream on the razor bumps. This also helps soothe the affected area.
  • Use loose clothing as much as possible to avoid further irritating the affected area, and if the affected area is the face, change the pillow cases with softer, cotton made fabric.
  • Always keep the irritated area dry from moisture (water), but apply moisturizer or cream because excessive dryness also adds to the irritation.
  • It is advisable to stop shaving the affected areas for a period of time until the razor bumps are completely healed. Also avoid waxing as this will further irritate the skin and is extremely painful.
  • Use a new set of shaving blades once you are to resume shaving. Use a shaving cream to avoid developing razor bumps again. Shaving cream with aloe vera has its advantages since it provides natural moisturizing properties.

It is advisable to avoid shaving against hair growth if this leads to the development of razor bumps. Shave sideways instead, rather than directly against the direction of hair growth. Avoid putting on body perfume, cologne or scented lotion on the affected areas. Instead, apply only the remedies mentioned above, until all the razor bumps are completely healed. Scented perfumes and lotions may add to the irritation and may even cause infection if applied on broken skin, so be careful. Also avoid putting on alcohol on the irritated areas as this will sting even more and will cause the razor bumps to turn dark.


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