How To Hem Pants

When the inner seam comes loose in your favorite pair of slacks, causing them to drag the floor, do you do the following -

  • Use a straight pin, hoping you won't get stuck, or use a safety pin that you forget about until it rusts or the rest of the thread comes loose?


  • Use special fabric adhesives seen on television?


  • Just let them drag the floor with hopes that no one will notice or they will believe you're starting a fashion trend?

Nothing is fashionable about dirty, worn or stained fabric that possibly cannot be restored to look wearable.  That's why everyone should keep a small sewing kit nearby - at all times.  The cost is much less than a tailor visit and much quicker.  This is especially helpful if your schedule is very sensitive to time, meaning you have very little of it to waste.

If you cannot find a travel-sized sewing kit at your grocer or discount chain, then making your own is easy.  It should contain these basic items -

  • A small pair of scissors (or a good pair of nail clippers)
  • 2-3 small spools of dark (black and/or blue) cotton thread
  • 1 small spool of white (or any other color you are likely to wear) cotton thread
  • A small pin cushion or piece of rubber foam
  • 2-3 straight pins, 1 large and 1 small/medium safety pin
  • 2-3 regular needles with a wide eyelet
  • A clean, zippered sandwich bag is very portable and you can see exactly what is inside

How to Hem Your Pants-

  1. Cut a piece of thread about the length of your arm (or longer) and moisten cut thread until it points out.  Once the pointed end goes through the eyelet, slowly match thread ends and make a double knot.  This enforces your stitch as they will not be very wide.
  2. Prepare pants by turning outward and placing needles where the seam will be.
  3. Make your first stitch inside the inner leg, underneath the fabric fold.  Pull needle all the way through to ensure that the knot is big enough to not slide through the fabric.
  4. Create an anchor by running the needle through the inside of inner leg seam.  These do not have to be perfect or too tight, but they must be secure.
  5. Keep the needle inside the fabric fold, and when you go outward with the needle, make your inward stitch close, as to resemble a small dot.
  6. Continue until your hem intermingles with the original thread.
  7. Make your last stitch inside the pants, double-knot it close to the fabric, and cut it leaving about a quarter-inch of hanging thread.


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