How To Hide a Tattoo

Tribal tattoo design

Millions of people all over the United States are saddled with the same dilemma: covering a tattoo.  It doesn't matter if it is your favorite cartoon character on your ankle, or your daughter's name on your shoulder; sometimes you don't want your body art to be visible.  There are a few simple solutions to this problem, so before you resort to a really large band-aid, try some of these steps to hide your tattoo.

The first, and most obvious, idea is makeup.  This is a very effective, but quite short term, solution for covering a tattoo on your wedding day or for any other formal gathering.  First, find a concealer that closely matches your skin tone.  You may need to combine several colors to achieve this.  Next, shave the area around the tattoo if necessary.  Place the concealer onto the tattoo and its surrounding area.  Blend the makeup into your skin, making sure to go beyond the edges of the tattoo.  You'll want this to look as natural as possible, and the best way to achieve this is to make it difficult to tell where the tattoo ends and your bare skin begins.  Allow the makeup to dry, and then apply three to four more coats until the tattoo is completely covered.  To eliminate any shine, brush translucent powder over your newly covered tattoo.  This will help hide the tattoo, and will make your makeup-coated skin look more natural.

Another great way to hide a tattoo is to have it inked where no one can see it in the first place.  Areas such as the upper back, upper thigh and the backside are the best places to get your tattoo if you will need to have it covered over long periods of time.  If you are a professional, and have to dress accordingly, you may not want a giant scorpion on your neck.  Tattoos are permanent.  Make sure that you take a lot of time to make the decision on where you want your body art placed.  It's just as important a choice as the color, size, or design of the tattoo itself.

The most permanent solution for hiding any tattoo is to have it removed altogether.  Beware of this choice: it can be costly, time consuming, and painful.  Laser tattoo removal involves using a concentrated beam of light to break up the ink in your skin.  Depending on the tattoo's color and size, you may have to endure at least three treatments before the procedure is effective.  There is also a long healing process, and you may have some residual scarring. 


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