How To Hide Piercings at Work

It’s a sad fact of life that we all need a job in order to live, but not all jobs celebrate our individuality. Piercings, especially facial piercings, are one of the strongest statements of individuality or uniqueness, but certain jobs don’t allow them because it is important that we reflect a certain image of the company.  Big multinational corporations for instance have a strict dress code for employees – including how they wear their hair!  They definitely don’t allow pierced individuals there. Even simpler jobs like waiting jobs don’t allow their employees to wear piercings because they look “dirty”.  If you don’t want to ditch the piercing and lose your job, the next best thing for you to do is hide it. 

Here are some common piercings and how you can hide them from work.

  1. Earlobes. You can buy clear retainers for your earlobe piercing at fashion accessory stores. They’re about half an inch long and resemble little wires.  It’s a good idea to bring several retainers as there is no way for them to stay locked onto your piercing. Every now and then you’ll have to check if they’re still there.
  2. Stretched earlobes. This is a little trickier to hide, but not impossible. Kaos makes flesh-colored hiders in different shades that looks almost believable.  If you’re a girl, stretched lobes are easier to hide – just wear plugs and pass them off as large earrings.
  3. Tongue. This is one of the easier piercings to hide as they’re not as visible as an eyebrow or lip piercing. Still, you can tell if a person has a tongue piercing when they laugh or yawn.  Fortunately, many companies make acrylic retainers in different sizes. An acrylic retainer is made in the same shape as your tongue jewelry, except it’s entirely transparent so as to blend in with your tongue.  You use these to replace the barbell in your tongue.  Acrylic retainers are affordable and easy to get. Another option could be the flesh colored retainers – surgical steel rods with flesh colored discs on both ends. However, these are expensive and fewer companies make them.  Finally, you could also try clear acrylic discs or balls and attach them to your barbell. They’re not as effective as the first two methods, but these are great for an emergency, such as when the manager comes to your work station to see how you’re doing.
  4. Eyebrow. There are many jewelry companies that make small metal retainers that resemble miniature crochet hooks. These do the trick well but if your piercing is shallow or you have thin brow hair, they’re just as visible as a barbell. You can also get clear acrylic retainers, but they’re a bit more difficult to find.  But if it’s an emergency and you need to hide your piercing for a short amount of time, simply unscrew the balls!
  5. Lip piercing.  There are also clear retainers for lip piercings, similar to tongue piercings but shorter.  In an extreme circumstance where you need to take it out for a short while, like a meeting, remove the ball and stud.



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