How To Highlight Blonde Hair

Highlighting is a way of applying hair color to several strands of your hair in order to reveal its fullness. It can change your hair from dull to attractive to hot. But there are some cases when choosing highlights is difficult to do. Girls who frequently experience this problem are those with blonde hair. So, to help you reveal your hair's hotness through highlighting, these are the questions you need to consider. The options provided can go with different hairstyles.

  1. Do you want a subtle or a dramatic look? A subtle look can be created by from thin, light-colored highlights or peak-a-boo highlights. For your information, a peek-a-boo highlight enhances the hair color by placing the highlights away from partings and hairlines. If you move or comb your hair, only then will the highlights be revealed. On the other hand, a dramatic look includes frosted highlights, red on blonde, black on blonde or low lights. Once you've chosen what you want, you can go from there.
  2. What is your skin tone? Choosing a highlight depends on your skin tone. If you have a light skin tone and want to have a dramatic look, choose a light brown or reddish highlight. Go for thin brown streaks for a subtle approach. Or try auburn, gold, honey, caramel and violet based colors for girls with warmer skin tones; just take the lighter version of it to have a subtle look.
  3. Are you familiar with the natural highlights? A natural highlighting is the most preferred technique of hair color professionals. The method is not strict on hairstyles. It uses a color that is no more or no less than 3 shades above or below your natural hair color. Your natural look will be enhanced and you'll surely be pleased once you see the result.
  4. Are you an environmentally concerned blonde? There are other alternatives that are safer to use for your hair. Both lemon and chamomile are natural alternatives. Lemon when applied to the hair requires time under the sun while chamomile needs to be boiled and rinsed through the hair. Keep these in mind when you want to get a highlight from environmentally friendly methods.
  5. Not satisfied with these? Consult a hair color professional. Think of several ideas on your own and present it to the colorist before having your hair colored. They will give you advice on which colors will and will not suit you best and why.

Highlights can be fun and gorgeous. They can create a whole new look for your hair. Do not hesitate to explore the latest trends and the natural techniques. If done the right way, this will improve your appearance by keeping you radiant and confident. Don't keep that old look if you really want something new. Instead of keeping that original blonde color, experiment with other colors that will best suit you. Keep your mind open to more opinions especially from hair color professionals. Feel free, take time, and enjoy!


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